Villa Javierto: Lucena’s Quaint Hidden Getaway

When in Manila and looking for that quiet hideaway to rest your mind and body from the hustle and bustle of the city, head straight to Lucena and there you’ll find the perfect place for a weekend staycation to recharge.


A 3-hour drive from Manila, Villa Javierto is a hidden charm in Gulang-Gulang, Lucena City — it takes pride of its cozy bed and breakfast, Catalino’s Restaurant and as the Home of Pillar Plants and Novelties. 





Villa Javierto started out as an antique gallery of Emil and Redemcion Javierto-Pilar in the early 90s. Their collection grew and they started selling the antique pieces as well as other novelties. Later on, they developed Catalino’s Restaurant and Cafe and their bed and breakfast.


The first and last time I’ve set foot in Quezon was during the Pahiyas Festival last year, only the City of Lucban sounded familiar to me. But who would’ve thought that there’s this quaint place in Lucena that I instantly loved over the weekend.


Located just along the main road, Villa Javierto’s facade instantly gave me the rustic feel. Rustic yet very interesting. I didn’t know exactly what to expect. 






Welcome to Villa Javierto! I was surprised to be welcomed by such a lovely place hidden in the city of Lucena. 


Entering the compound, you will be instantly sent into this little paradise filled with landscape art — lush greens and flora, antique pieces and anywhere you look, there is something wonderful to see. My eyes enjoyed the visual treat that Villa Javierto offered. 





The path that leads you to a quiet, relaxing retreat.



A horse carriage (kalesa) charmingly situated amongst the verdant landscape is a serene scene to see.



Where the name Villa Javierto came from. 



The forerunners of the place, Mr. Emil Pilar and the late Mrs. Redemcion Javierto-Pilar, have handed down the legacy to their daughters, April and May who warmly welcomed us to their home. I instantly felt comfortable around the place. It was somewhat like home, only with a better view and away from the stress of the city life.


They gave us a tour of the place and told us stories of origins. Villa Javierto started from such humble beginnings and Ms. April told us how her mother built the bed and breakfast houses from scratch (they reconstructed old houses), intricately picked and placed the details that gives the place its charm. Their restaurant and cafe, Catalino’s, serves Filipino dishes whose recipes were crafted and perfected by their mother.  

Villa Javierto is a labor of love




A separate feature for Catalino’s Restaurant is coming out soon. 

I can’t wait to tell you about their Halo-Halo! 



Bed and Breakfast 

They toured us to their bed and breakfast houses and showed us where we’ll be staying over the weekend. 



The Narra House.



Left: The Antique House. 



The Spa House.


This was where we stayed and I was amazed with everything inside it was just beautiful.



See that unique piece of furniture? It’s called the “Ligawan chair“, figured out why?




Every detail is carefully selected to make each piece work with the entirety. 




The Spa House has two bedrooms and each is adorned with a very nice dresser. How I wish I have a dresser like this.




Also, each bedroom has its mini veranda wherein you could just lounge the day away with a book in one hand and a cup of tea on the other. Sounds like my ideal way of wasting the day away.




 The view on your way to the Spa House and the view from the veranda.



Believe it or not, they offer their bed and breakfast at affordable rates that I was actually surprised.


You can stay at the Spa or Antique House for a night for Php2000 while at the Narra House for Php1800, the rate is good for two persons and already includes a complimentary Filipino breakfast from their restaurant. 



The Gallery and Antiquities


The tour around Villa Javierto ain’t over yet! Next up is the gallery where they feature works of Quezon-based artists. 




 That time we visited, they featured Pahiyas-themed artworks since it was the Pahiyas Festival month.



Villa Javierto is mostly made up of antique stuff (and yes, they are for sale! Calling antique collectors!) but it doesn’t give that boring vibe. In fact, you will be enthralled to just go wander around the place, relax and discover something interesting.




 They have unique antique pieces for sale. If only I have the money, I’ll get that desk!

Even the furniture and other ornaments inside the B & B houses are up for sale.




Flowers are abundant all over the place that lets you get in touch with nature.




Another kalesa in the backyard.




A very unique chess set spotted! Reminds me so much of The Game of Thrones. 😀





Then off we went to another part of Villa Javierto where I should say, has the most laid-back ambience.


You can just chill in one of those makeshift tents from old weaving wood frames while having some coffee and listening to the flowing water in a nearby well. I am already feeling relaxed just by recollecting my Villa Javierto experience to you guys.




Now tell me that that doesn’t look inviting.

 It was heavenly to just sit there, feel the breeze and forget the world.

 As told by Ms. April, this is their most photographed spot. I guess we all know why.



  Villa Javierto can also arrange for you a tour around Quezon if you prefer to explore nearby places or you could just stay in all day and relax. And oh, they can also arrange a massage session for you to complete your retreat to unwind.  Talk about good service.


Ms. April and her beau, Sir Robin, was too kind to us and even gave us a little tour around Lucena, we get to visit Tayabas Church, Kamayan sa Palaisdaan and tasted Budin (cassava cake) and a local delicacy called the Pilipit, which I believe is also made from Cassava. Her sister, Ms. May also took us to the town proper that night to visit the a bazaar (we were just in time for the start of the town fiesta) and a well-known coffee shop in Lucena.



Villa Javierto at Night



Villa Javierto has this charm that’s hard to resist whether it’s daytime or nighttime.




The paths lead to Catalino’s Restaurant and Cafe

 Who can resist such a lovely and romantic view?



Villa Javierto is not just for a relaxing retreat but it is also a perfect place to have to romantic getaway with a loved one.



After a day’s adventure, it was time for us to get some shut-eye.

I was really looking forward to this part because for the first time in my life, I will be able to sleep in a four-poster bed. 🙂



I was in love with the pillows. They were so fluffy that they instantly sent me to dreamland. 



Thank you for such a wonderful retreat Villa Javierto!

 To the Javierto-Pilar family who welcomed us to their home and giving us a very fun and laid-back weekend.



 When In Manila and you think you need a little unwinding to get back on track, head your way to Villa Javierto in Lucena and treat yourself with that R & R staycation, you know you deserve it! 😉



Villa Javierto

2497 Gulang-Gulang, Lucena City

(042) 710-5753 / 716-4982




Villa Javierto: Lucena’s Quaint Hidden Getaway