Cat Therapy: The Perfect Stress Reliever

Life gets so busy that it often times leaves us stressed, tired and just physically drained! Every now and then, we just want to be able to relax and get a little break from everything.

A few days ago, several passers-by in Ayala Triangle shared their own moments of stress to be able to get a little me time in the “mystery” box. Little did they know, there was a bigger surprise inside that awaited them.


The idea just gave me butterflies! I was able to enter the Cat Box a month ago and …wow, it just made my day. I can just imagine how these people felt. Having all those adorable cats curl up to you and rub their faces against yours… aww… what a wonderful experience.

Animals are great companions and wonderful stress relievers. I currently have 6 little furballs of my own at home and though they do require a little responsibility, the love and compassion they share will really turn a bad and tiring day upside down.

Please consider adopting. There are a lot more cats and dogs roaming around our streets that want nothing more than a little love and a comfortable home.

What do you guys think of the cat therapy box? Were you able to try it out?