Cat Allegedly Dies of Maltreatment from Animal Clinic in Alabang


Pet owner Rosalia Castro took to social media her frustration with the animal clinic that she went to recently to have her pet mingming diagnosed and treated. She says that the only problem they had with their cat was that she was constipated yet she died from the pet clinic. They suspected that there was maltreatment as they saw that mingming had a patch of hair gone on her nape where the animal clinic would hold her down.

The photo reads the caption:

My cat died. And I dont know the real cause.  We bring him at animal doctor, na may lakas pa. Then after a few a hours, nag hihingalo na sya. And I think he died because the way they handled it to keep him calm. Dahil need nila lagyan ng catheter si mingming. Pero bkit ganun. Ang Laki ng sugat nya sa batok nya. Sa sobrang higpit sa pagkakahawak sa leeg nya, nabalatan yung batok nya. Hindi nmn dapat ganun eh. Kaya ko nga dinala sa animal hospital para gumaling, hindi pra ipapatay. pagkatapos ng mga procedure nila. Nkita nmin si mingming na lantang Lanta na at nag hihingalo na nahihirapan lumunok. Naisip ko tuloy, na kaya namatay si mingming, di dahil sa sakit. Dahil nasakal sya ng sobra. Constipated lang naman yung pusa. Nakakainis, nakakagalit. At Nkakalungkot.  Kahit hindi imported yan. Love na love namin yan.

They also had a photo of the alleged animal doctor assistants who were amused while they were “torturing” their pet cat.

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 9.32.01 AM

The animal clinic’s name will be released once we’ve cleared a statement from them as well so we can have two sides of the story.

According to RA 8485 (Animal Welfare Act)

“SECTION 2. No Person, association, partnership, corporation, cooperative or any government agency or instrumentality including slaughter houses shall establish, maintain and operate any pet shop, kennel, veterinary clinic, veterinary hospital, stockyard, corral, stud farm or stock farm or zoo for the breeding, treatment, sale or trading, or training of animals without first securing from the Bureau of Animal Industry a certificate of registration therefore.

The certificate shall be issued upon proof that the facilities of such establishment for animals are adequate, clean and sanitary and will not be used for, nor cause pain and/or suffering to the animals.  The certificate shall be valid for a period of one (1) year unless earlier cancelled for just cause before the expiration of its term by the Director of the Bureau of Animal Industry and may be renewed from year to year upon compliance with the conditions imposed hereunder.  The Bureau shall charge reasonable fees for the issuance or renewal of such certificate.

The condition that such facilities be adequate, clean and sanitary, and that they will not be used for nor cause pain and/or suffering to the animals is a continuing requirement for the operation of these establishments.  The Bureau may revoke or cancel such certificate of registration for failure to observe these conditions and other just causes.”

What do you think of this story? Was it maltreatment? Have you had the same experience?

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