CARA is Set to Launch a Pet Grooming Center in Ortigas Center

Contrary to popular opinion, one of the most well-known animal welfare organization, CARA Welfare Philippines, is not a shelter. Its primary mission is  to promote animal welfare by offering low-cost vet services, educating the public about responsible pet ownership, conducting trap-neuter-return of stray cats in various communities, and working with stakeholders to create no-kill pounds and implement humane solutions.

Ginger CARA Ambassadog

Unfortunately, over the years, CARA has been overwhelmed by the number of distressed animals it had to help. In 2012, it was the organization that stepped up to rehabilitate over 260 pit bulls rescued from a dogfighting ring. Against all odds and horrendous circumstances, the volunteer group was able to set up the Laguna Pitbull Sanctuary. It also had to constantly deal with numerous abandoned pets. Right now, it is taking care of almost 300 dogs and cats and with expenses running into PHP400,000 a month is creating tremendous strain on the group that is completely run by volunteers and rely on donations to survive.

Recently, CARA had to clarify its position on rescuing amidst hundreds of demands every week. CARA’s assistance depends on the availability of volunteers, transport, funds for veterinary care, and the reporters’ agreement to foster or look for a foster for the intended rescue (sadly, according to the volunteers in charge of responding to these requests, reporters back out once informed they need to also work on the rescue). Given the lack of resources, the group has to prioritize the care of the animals already in its custody.

If CARA folds, who will take care of the poor animals? Who will take over the advocacy?

CARA’s volunteers might despair occasionally but they know they need to continue doing their best to create solutions, of course. The group has decided to launch a pet grooming service to help generate income that will support the advocacy 100%. CARA needs our help to start up, though. Grooming supplies cost money and the volunteers are hoping that supporters can provide some of the supplies.

This time,  CARA’s call is not for us to donate but to INVEST IN ANIMAL WELFARE by supporting a group that has already established itself with a long history of incredible works.

Check out CARA’s message:

Help us launch a grooming service that will allow us to be self-sufficient eventually.

100% of the proceeds will support the advocacy: Public Awareness, Education, Low-Cost Vet Services, Trap-Neuter-Return Programs in the communities, Promoting Pet Adoption, and Lobbying with LGUs and Policy-Makers to create no-kill pounds and humane solutions to the stray animal population issue.

Grooming supplies for CARA Welfare Philippines

Your ROI will be in becoming part of the TRANSFORMATION of our country from a cruelty-filled country to a CRUELTY-FREE one.

A grooming center needs supplies and they cost a lot of money. We are hoping YOU and the rest of our friends will be able to donate the needed supplies to help us start up.

Drop off point is: 
CARA Clinic
175 Lopez Rizal St. cor. Samat St., Mandaluyong City
+632 5323340 /0919 579 0047

Call us for more details (M-F 8am-5pm). Furbabies everywhere are counting on you! Help us fulfill our mission. Thank you so much!!

wanted pet groomer for CARA Welfare Philippines

On the business point of view, the CARA clinic is located beside Ortigas Center surrounded by high-rise condos. A pet grooming center is bound to take off in this district. The group is optimistic that this venture will take off with your support.

If you know an experienced pet groomer, please let this person know that CARA is accepting applications. If you are in the pet service-related business and would like to partner with CARA, you may also email your interest to Address your email to Thea Maceda-Suguitan, the senior volunteer in charge of responding to corporate partnership inquiries.

You may also help by sharing this story so CARA’s callout will reach the right people.

Photo by Chad Bryan


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