Can’t go to the Metro Manila Pride March this year? Here’s how you can still participate!

The Metro Manila Pride March is happening on June 29! It falls on a Saturday which means people who usually have the weekends off are free to attend. However, a lot of us who really want to go and support our LGBT+ brothers and sisters couldn’t because of prior commitments, work, or just plain distance.

Thankfully, if you’re going out on Saturday (but sadly not to Pride), you can still participate in Pride March Everywhere. It’s a social media movement that wants to show the world that Pride doesn’t just exist in one location, but everywhere! So it doesn’t matter if you’re in Makati, Boracay, or even Cebu. You can join in on celebrating Pride wherever you are, wherever you choose to go.

Just follow the steps below and you’re on your way!

Pride March Everywhere is an equality initiative by creative digital agency Propel Manila in collaboration with Globe and Team Magazine. It’s the same agency who created #LoveIsAllWeNeed, the campaign that pushed for SOGIE Bill during the country’s biggest political gathering, the Philippine President’s State of the Nation Address, and turned it into an overnight sensation.

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Are you going to the Metro Manila Pride March or are you participating in Pride March Everywhere?


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