Candy Girl All Over Again : Candy Magazine Recognized Todays’ Style Inspirations at the Candy Style Awards 2013

Candy Magazine will always be a part of a girl’s life. I remember buying my very first Candy magazine. I was always proud of showing it off to my classmates and they would browse through it with me during break time. It was sort of like our bonding time together. Now that I’m beyond my teen years, I can honestly say that I am still a Candy girl at heart.

Candy magazine is every girl’s go-to magazine when it comes to fashion, shopping, fun events, celebrities and of course, Candy cuties. Last May, 10, at the Rockwell Tent in Makati, was such an event that featured all of those.  Girly events are fun when in Manila because of Candy!

My blog BFF, Mariane Detera, and I dressed up in our pretty prom outfits and went to Candy Magazine’s Candy Style Awards 2013 to witness today’s style inspirations.

Candy Style Awards’ stage Design was so quirky! This was where all the stars passed through when they entered the stage.


Since it was a fashion event, we did a little style spotting and found these Candy girls’ outfits worth photographing. What do you think?

What I love about Candy girls is that they’re always energetic! These girls were laughing and cheering whenever they saw their favorite stylistas onstage. I noticed that they cheered the loudest whenever Daniel Padilla’s name was mentioned.


WOOT! Candy girls aren’t afraid to laugh and cheer out loud!

Candy magazine also recognized the most fashionable Candy girls of the night. Blessie De Dios won as Lactacyd’s Confi Girl of the night, Maria and Shayne as the BFFS of the night, and the four lucky girls won Whisper’s #UnstoppablePromExperience.


 These Candy girls were all pretty and confident on stage!

The Candy cuties that night were all so charming! They performed a dance number at the start of the show and escorted all candy girls as they went up and down the stage.

Ivan Dorshner was awarded as the Most Stylish Cover Boy but he wasn’t in the Philippines as of the moment so he couldn’t be with us at the event. He did, however, said his thank yous on video and promised to buy all the Candy girls ice cream when he gets back. HAHA!

Alexander Diaz was awarded as the Most Stylish Candy Cutie. I must say, this Candy Cutie can really bring his A-game on even if he’s wearing a girly print on his suit, he still looks manly!


Candy cuties!

Candy Style Awards 2013 was also filled with multitalented people.  These two pretty ladies, Erika and Krissy Villongco, are still in high school but they’re already up-and-coming singers. Plus, they’re also this year’s Most Stylish Sisters.  


Erika and Krissy Villongco singing in their stylish dresses. 

Candy cuties showed off their singing talents as well. Luigi D’Avola serenaded us during the first part of the show while Elmo Magalona sung and danced for us at the latter part of the show. The Candy girls were ecstatic.


Luigi and Elmo signing on stage!

(Read on to see which celebrities were awarded)