Canada’s Favorite Burgers: 5 Ways Triple O’s Stands Out from the Rest

Canada’s Favorite Burgers: 5 Ways Triple O’s Stands Out from the Rest


This year, Canada’s favorite burgers, Triple O’s, has finally come to Manila. They have already conquered SM Megamall, and are about to open up more branches in the latter parts of the year. With the rise of burger joints all over the Metro, one might ask, what makes Triple O’s different from the rest? Well, let us count the ways.


Canada’s Favorite Burgers: 5 Ways Triple O’s Stands Out from the Rest


5. Triple O’s uses Canadian Beef.

Triple O's Canada's Favorite Burgers

Behold: The Monty Mushroom (Php 310.00)


That sounds wrong, doesn’t it? What on earth is Canadian beef? If you are a fan of burgers, I know that you might have tried all possible patties out there – from the Angus Beef to the Wagyu Beef, even down to the vegetarian patties. But what makes Canadian beef stand out from the rest is the fact that the cows are all grass-fed, meaning that you will be consuming an ‘organic’ patty. Plus, they don’t use any extenders, which makes the experience even better.

Aside from that, the patties at Triple O’s are also undeniably juicy. Even though they are not as thick as the others, rest assured you can really taste the flavors bursting. They also ooze with sauce and have fresh tomatoes and greens that will definitely satisfy your cravings.


4. They only use premium ingredients.

Triple O's Canada's Favorite Burgers


One of the things that Triple O’s really takes pride in is the fact that they only use premium ingredients for their food – starting from the handcrafted sauces down to their onions and vegetables. They aim to let you have a taste of Triple O’s authentic menu from Canada, so each of their items have gone through a series of taste tests and consultations from the team abroad before they finally have them completed and served here in the country.

In fact, the franchise is very strict when it comes to their rules that Triple O’s PH has a hard time finding the right fat content of the ice cream that they use for their milkshakes. You see, when Triple O’s said that they will bring the taste of Canada’s favorite burgers and more, they weren’t joking.


3. Their milkshake brings all the boys (and girls) to the yard. We promise.

Triple O's Canada's Favorite Burgers

Triple O’s Bacon Cheddar (Php 300) and their Strawberry Milkshake (Php 150-200)


What better way to enjoy your burger than to partner it with a Triple O’s delicious milkshake? They’re made from 90% ice cream and 10% milk, so it’s definitely bad for your diet, but not for your tummy. Their bestsellers are strawberry milkshakes, which are served with chunks of real strawberries; and the kids’ favorite, the chocolate milkshake. If you’re a purist, they also serve vanilla milkshakes, which are equally good. Best served with fries, and, of course, Canada’s favorite burgers. Yum.


Triple O's Canada's Favorite Burgers

The milkshakes that are definitely better than yours: Strawberry Milkshake and Chocolate Milkshake (Php 80 – 120 each)


2. They have something for you every day of the week.

Triple O's Canada's Favorite Burgers

Sweet Potato Fries that comes with Triple O’s very own chipotle dip (Php 80-120)


Every day of the week, Triple O’s will have something special for you. From discounts to freebies, you name it, you got it. As of the moment, they have seven different promos that will definitely suit your budget! Check out the list below so you can properly schedule your visit to the place:

  • Milkshake Monday – They’re giving out a Php 50 off to their milkshakes because WHY NOT?
  • Tuesday Spot Size Special – Save Php50 when you buy a combo meal. You’ll automatically get a spot size (upgrade!) for your fries and drinks. Awesome.
  • Wednesday Couple Special – Looking for a place to dine with your loved one? Drop by at Triple O’s, grab a sumptuous meal worth Php 500, and get a free sundae. Oh, love.
  • Thursday Original Combo – Get a Php 50 off when you buy an original burger! Guess this is the perfect time to try out the burger that started it all. Go original.
  • Friday Pasta Special – Craving for pasta? Every Friday, Triple O’s slashing off Php 50 on any pasta meal.
  • Weekend Family Special – Because rest days are meant to be spent with the family. Head over to Triple O’s and enjoy a free Dippin’ Chicken when you buy at least Php 1,200. Trust us, your kid would love the Dippin’ Chicken. It’s awesome.
  • Payday Special – So you’ve worked out all days of the week and you feel exhausted. Celebrate payday by heading to Triple O’s and enjoy a free Nespresso Coffee for a minimum purchase of Php 300. That’s every 15th and 30th, folks. Mark the dates.


1. You will leave the place feeling full and happy – guaranteed!

Triple O's Canada's Favorite Burgers

Their very ring-y Onion Rings (Php 90)


Aside from the fact that almost everything tastes wonderful at Triple O’s, their servings are also so generous that they will definitely make your tummy sing for joy. Most of their lady visitors actually have their burgers cut in half because of the hefty servings. Aside from that, their side dishes are also fit for hearty appetites, sure to satisfy your hunger and cravings.




If you are planning to visit the place, make sure that you get ready to eat a lot. Prepare at least a budget of Php500 per pax, and enjoy a satisfying Canadian meal at Triple O’s. Plus points to their comfy interior that reminds us of vintage diners that we see on TV.

They are open from Mondays to Sundays during mall hours. No need to endure a day worth of flying just to enjoy Canada. Triple O’s has brought that to SM Megamall, and they will be available in a couple of other malls within the coming months, as well.


Triple O's Canada's Favorite Burgers



Triple O’s

3rd level, Mega Atrium, SM Megamall, Cor. J. Vargas Ave., Mandaluyong City





Canada’s Favorite Burgers: 5 Ways Triple O’s Stands Out from the Rest