Canada Looking At PH To Fill Need For 60,000 Nurses

Canada needs 60,000 nurses, and they’re looking at the Philippines to fill that void!

Head Nurse in Lagune

According to Cebu Daily Inquirer, Canada has called the shortage of nurses a crisis, with the average age of Canadian nurses at 55, the same age for retirement.

The report quoted Tony Burke, vice president of the OMNI College of Nursing, who said that each Canadian province plans to open 2,000 to 4,000 nursing jobs in the next few years to solve the shortage.

As most nurses are at the age of 55, Canada predicts that they will be losing half of their workforce when these nurses retire. Canada’s aging population would also need more nurses to care for them, but Canadian universities are not producing nurses fast enough.


One of the quickest ways to address the shortage, according to Burke, is to employ internationally trained nurses such as those from the Philippines.

According to Burke, the Philippines has the second highest number of applicants next to India, but what makes Filipino nurses different from their Indian counterparts is their ability to adapt.