Calling All Salted Egg Addicts! A Salted Egg Fair is Happening this February!

Salted eggs need no introduction. They’re a staple in the Filipino breakfast dish, usually paired with your favorite fried daing or longganisa, complete with ripe tomatoes. The smooth salty egg white that eventually culminates in the mouth with the slightly rough and even saltier yolk is something that I crave from time to time. Even better, salted eggs have found their way to more items that might appeal to first-timers and non-fans of the stuff.

Eastwood Mall is hosting the Salted Egg Fair and I am loving both the varieties of food present and the advocacy to revive and promote our local industries. As a matter of fact, this month-long event is in partnership with the Municipality of Pateros. #SupportLocal

Apart from the local merchants, there was also an egg mosaic decorating demo c/o Mosaic by the Creek.

Salted Egg_7

All in all, there were 15 food merchants present during the event launch last February 4, each of them featuring special treats that are sure to trigger your inner salted egg addict. Get to know them here:

Chelsea Kitchen

The restaurant is located near the Eastwood Mall Atrium where the program was held. They featured Salted Egg with Tinapa Fried Rice, something that I’ve never had before. Tinapa, they said, is a perfect partner for salted egg.

The dish was fantastic! It’s not as salty as I thought it would be, plus I didn’t get that rough salty yolk texture which could be a plus for the uninitiated. They were giving away free samples and I went back for seconds!

Lola Consuela’s

Salted Egg_1

They sell salted pickled eggs–one variant with ginger, one without it. If you love atchara, you just might like these pickled eggs, too.

Green Babes

Salted Egg_9

If you want just the Plain Jane salted egg, Green Babes has got you covered. They also have balut in their booth in case you’re in the mood for some.

Polland Hopia

Salted Egg_14

Polland Hopia offers different varieties of mooncakes (Black Mongo, Yellow Mongo, Mixed Nuts, and Lotus Seed), all of which come with salted eggs. Yum! They also sell Century Eggs, as well as a Salted Hopia that they call “Egg Yolk”.


Salted Egg_15

Gourds focuses more on Filipino dishes with a salted egg twist. They offer relatively safe items such as Cassava Cakes and Embutido, as well as more sinful options such as Chicharon and Crispy Liempo. They also have sushi with salted eggs.


Salted Egg_12

Salted. Egg. Potato Chips. Need I say more?

Richmonde Hotel

Salted Egg_11

Just look at ’em huge ensaymadas! Beautiful!

Modish Bites

Salted Egg_13

Salted egg powder? Time to do a little sinful experiment in the kitchen!

Bee Tins

Salted Egg_4

Definitely won’t share these treats easily. MINE!

Ryan’s Kitchen

Salted Egg_6

Ryan’s Kitchen whips up dishes with a touch of salted egg flair. They sell shrimps and chicken with salted egg yolk sauce. They also have Asado Puto with Salted Egg, a little twist to a classic treat.

Must Be Moms

Salted Egg_5

More ensaymada goodness! Absolutely gorgeous!

DAC Salted Egg Chips

Salted Egg_10

You can never have too much salted egg potato chips. These bad boys are just so delicious! Oh, and they have a spicy variant!

Flour Fairy Manila

Salted Egg_8

I. Love. Their. Salted Egg Bibingka Cheesecake!

It has the tartness common to cheesecake, but mellows it down thanks to the bibingka. The salted egg balances out the flavor giving it that needed salty kick. Absolutely delicious! They also sell Flourless Japanese Cheesecake.


Salted Egg_3

Victoria’s offers a variety of items from viands to sandwich spreads, all of which have salted eggs in them! They have Chicken Galantina, Halaya Ube (trust me, it works!), and a Chicken Sandwich Spread (DELICIOUS STUFF!). Too bad I didn’t get to try their Sweet Eggcheflan.

Momilo Mio

Salted Egg_2

Momilo Mio offers Ensaymada and Puto with Salted Eggs, but what really got to me was their Salted Egg Chiffon Loaf and their Salted Egg Puree. The loaf was not too dense and slightly sweet. It’s counteracted by the saltiness and rough texture of the egg yolk. Flavor balance is spot on. Like it. Love it. Gotta have it!

The puree makes a wonderful dipping sauce for your favorite snacks. It takes your ordinary crackers to new heights! I wonder how I’ll use it for cooking…

Was your inner salted egg addict triggered? You can visit Eastwood Mall every weekend of February to satisfy your salted egg cravings!

The Salted Egg Food Fair

2/F, Eastwood Mall

Written by: Paul Omer Bicol
Photography by: Renuela Altar
Graphics by: Hannah Grace Encisa
Videography by: Kenneth Panlilio