Calling All Adults: Play Your Stress Away in this 1000 sqm Playground!

Words by Jerika Danielle Clemente
Photos by Eunick Nobe and Lisa Marie David

Dragging your parent to the entrance, going down the slippery slides, jumping in those delightfully overwhelming pools of balls, playing chef with miniature kitchen tools, crawling your way through patted obstacle courses, experiencing the joy of finding a new playmate and even the terror of not finding your parent anywhere…

Sound like your childhood? Just like when they would leave you in those indoor mall playgrounds while they go around and shop, right?

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And some days when you walk pass by one of those in the mall and feel like being a kid again, it makes you wish that there’s one of the same kind for adults somewhere.

Lucky for you, Adventure Zone in Shangri-La at the Fort is opening up every child’s dream playground for every adult to make your kid-at-heart dreams come true! There’s a catch though, they’re only opening it to adults for three nights.

Adventure Zone After Dark: KIDulting

For one night only, you can re-live your childhood days in this indoor playground!PS. Their slides and ball pit are AMAZING.~ When In Manila

Posted by When In Manila on Thursday, February 22, 2018

Experience a night that not every adult gets to experience. Unleash the child within you through Kidulting on the following dates: March 2, March 9, March 16 and March 23, all from 9 pm to 11 pm! And you won’t have to worry about work because it’s TGIF for us adults!

So, no matter how young of an adult you are, it’s about time you once again enjoy the large obstacle course, the thrilling slides (and when I say thrilling, I mean really thrilling), the kiddie community, the board games and much more! And hey, you get a free burger too! Two hours full of fun playtime and then free food, what more can you ask for?

Scroll down to see more of what you can expect from Kidulting and what you’ll miss out if you don’t join:

Let your stress (and soul?) go as you slide down this 6.4-meter vertical Demon Drop Slide!
Don’t worry, you’ll survive! And yes, kids do this.

 A fun way to go downhill for a change!

Slide + Ball Pit? ABSOLUTE FUN. (sidenote: find the adult!)

Climbing her way out of adulthood, maybe?

And if you get sick from all the sliding and climbing, you can always chill by the kiddie community and also play with the board games and other toys in the area:

Finding a new playmate is always fun just like the good old days!

Or you can just play by yourself because who can stop you, right? You’re an adult.

Get to play away from your stress for only Php 800 per night (and they have a promo of 1 free pass for every group of 10 people!), and trust me when I say you’ll be shocked at how much you’ll enjoy and wish that they’d open it for adults all the time.

The event only has limited slots, so what are you waiting for? For every 18 years old and above kid-at-heart, it’s time to say goodbye to Adulting and say hello to Kidulting!

Adventure Zone

To register and find out more about Kidulting, visit the event link below:


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