Calligraphy Workshop by The Fozzy Book


When in Manila and looking for ways to infuse some elegance into your big day, check out The Fozzy Book’s adorable calligraphy work!




The Fozzybook Calligraphy

Yes, believe it or well, you’re supposed to believe it, these were all done by hand.  




While preparing for her own wedding, Fozzy found out that her printer cannot print on the papers she bought.  She sent out handwritten invitations instead–with her wonderful calligraphy of course!  After two years, she now designs monograms & does calligraphy work for brides-to-be! 


Fozzy recently held a calligraphy workshop at the lovely Heima Store located in Cubao X.  The workshop covers calligraphy basics for those who want to learn this interesting & intricate craft.   




The Fozzybook at Heima 2

The Fozzy Book’s Hello Again Workshop at eye candy filled Heima Store.




The 3-hour session includes drills and basic strokes of cursive hand and the hows of dipping and flexing with ink!  This is not a calligraphy workshop with your off-the-rack pens from your friendly neighborhood bookstore!




The Fozzybook Workshop at Heima




What’s nice about the workshop is that Fozzy goes around and customizes her instruction per student depending on which aspect of calligraphy they have to improve on.  She is also generous enough to share the brands she uses and which stores and online shops people can get their supplies from. 




The Fozzybook Workshop Attendees

  Happy workshop attendees showing off their inked hands! 🙂




All in all, it was one enjoyable Saturday afternoon with mostly everyone dressed in black because they’re all afraid to get inked (except the expert hersef, Fozzy, who wears white)!   The Fozzy Book will be holding a workshop again soon so watch out for the announcement on her website as the slots get filled up quickly!  Don’t forget to e-mail her for your wedding inquiries too!




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Calligraphy Workshop by The Fozzy Book

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