Call for Submissions: ART De Co 2016


In celebration of ASAPHIL, Inc.’s 30th year of #KeepingTheFireBurning, Architectural Students’ Association of the Philippines-TIP Manila launches its first ART De Co (Architecture Redefining Tradition Design Competition). The competition is aimed to be an annual event of the organization that raises the importance of innovation, economic considerations and environmental sustainability in architecture towards spreading love for the people in need. ART De Co is one way of ASAPHIL-TIP Manila to emphasize one of the ASAPHIL, INC’s three main thrusts, the social relevance.


ART DE CO is a platform that promotes fresh and innovative ideas in addressing relevant social issues of the country. On our first year, we challenge architectural design students to innovate, think beyond conventionalism and to explore the idea of travelling architecture.

Choose a social issue that you believe that intervention of architecture is needed. Develop your idea, think of a solution that incorporates the idea of travelling architecture. We give you the freedom in choosing a design you want pursue.


On the first year of the competition we invite architecture students to take our challenge to design a transportable architectural piece using a 40 footer container van. Students are encourage to think of a project that has a strong potential of being a catalyst of improvement to a particular social issue of the country.

Interested students may obtain the copy of the entry kit and form by downloading from the following link:



 Submission is open until November 16, 2016.

The competition will be divided into 2 phases:

  • 1 All participants must submit through e-mail. (Please see submission requirement).
  • 2 Top 10 entries will be selected to move to the next phase of the competition.
  • 3 Qualified entries will be notified through an e-mail and via ASAPHIL- Chapter coordinator.
  • Designers of top 10 entries will be invited to the Technological Institute of the Philippines- Manila for a public panel defense. The panel defense will be the final procurement to identify the top 3 entries that will receive the prizes.





Call for Submissions: ART De Co 2016


Competition Announcement (Student Competitions)


Architectural Stundent’s Association of the Philippines-TIP Manila

  • Submission Deadline

16/11/2016 11:37

  • Venue

Technological Institute of the Philippines (Manila)

  • Price


  • Country Restrictions


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