CALL FOR HELP: This Woman Is Searching For The Sibling She Never Knew

Crystal Murphy is an American woman who has been searching for her half-sibling for over 20 years. She has periodically made attempts to find her sibling with an unknown Filipina mother since 1998. Recently, her father appeared in a dream and urged her to search for his “foreign wife and child” once more.

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Photo of Crystal’s sibling and her Filipina mother

With renewed convictions, Crystal reached out to us in hopes of spreading the search and story even further. She shared her story with us: 

My father served in the U.S. Army and stationed in Manila during WWII. My grandmother received word that he was MIA but was later found in a hospital stricken with Malaria, then sent home. My grandmother received a trunk with his belongings which was sent to her by a woman he was involved with while there. Included in the items was a picture of her and a baby. The passed down family story was that my father and this woman had married and the baby was theirs. 

Her father was Calvin Coolidge Murphy and he was born on April 25, 1925. He would have been 18-20 years old when he was stationed here in Manila. Below is a picture of him around that time: 

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Should you have any information or leads you may contact Crystal at 502-525-6138 or

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