Cafe Noriter: A Playground and Cafe Rolled Into One

Cafe Noriter: A Playground and Cafe Rolled Into One


When In Manila, dine, hang out or study in the playful and quirky spot known as Cafe Noriter.


Study sessions and long review periods are typical scenarios in the life of college students. Of course, strenuous activities like these require a bit of fun every once in a while, though, just to avoid information overload or immediate fatigue.  


What better place to sit down and lounge over your thick books other than a usual comfy spot in a coffee shop or cafe like Cafe Noriter


Being a college student myself, I’m well acquainted with these periods: reviewing for long exams, cramming for research projects or just reading notes for upcoming quizzes the next day.  Alone or accompanied with friends, I do these academic things in cafes.


Cafe Noriter Interior

Cafe Noriter – A Place for Relaxation and Good Food

Although my school is very far from Cafe Noriter, I still find myself a regular visitor of the cafe. First introduced to me by a La Sallian friend, I was impressed with the cute and whimsical interior of the place.

Cafe Noriter is a Korean inspired café that can be found in Taft Avenue, Manila. “Noriter” is the Korean term for playground, and indeed, this  playhouse of a cafe is oozing with eccentricity and fun.

Cafe Noriter inside

Cafe Noriter emanates a very youthful vibe with all the quirky knick knacks displayed in their cupboards. The place can also accommodate a large number of customers as they have lots of tables and seats. Some tables have some personal touches to them, as well.

Cafe Noriter By The Window

Probably my favorite spot at Cafe Noriter. I can read in peace by these tables near the windows.


When visiting cafes, I always go for the ones with a comfy ambience. It is a heavenly bonus when a cafe plays classical or jazz music (in that case, I’m in for a very productive night/ afternoon). Cafe Noriter can also accommodate large groups. These two-storey seats are perfect for those who want to have a more homey feel because you get to sit on the floor:


Cafe Noriter Two Storey Seats


It is not unusual for a cafe to be full. After all, you are not the only one who’s looking for a coffee or frappe break but since the reason why I go to a cafe is to study, the first instinct of this writer is to look for a Zen spot. May it be a seat near the window or a door; as long as the place has a beautiful interior and relaxing atmosphere, then it’s perfect. I won’t really mind the crowd. 


Cafe Noriter Table

I found myself cooing over Cafe Noriter’s adorable tables (sorry, I’m a bit childish like that). The drawings and polaroids add a bit of nostalgia to the  usual plain tables seen at cafes.

Cafe Noriter Tables

What’s more, some are actually photographs of my dream destinations in Europe and Korea. That’s why every time I look down at my table in Cafe Noriter, I can’t help but just stare at them.

Cafe Noriter Ladder

Cafe Noriter Hangouts

The wall decors such as these installations and paintings also contribute to the airy atmosphere inside the café. 


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