Cafe Maxims: Top of the Line Delicious Treats at Resorts World Manila



When In Manila, and craving for high quality treats that will surely make your day, head on over to Resorts World Manila and check out Cafe Maxims. True to the reputation of Resorts World Manila as one of the classiest entertainment and food destination in the Metro, take your afternoon merienda to classy heights in Cafe Maxims with friends or your beloved one.



Cafe Maxims Moonlight Beauty White Tea, chocolates and Strawberry Mousse



Sad for the rainy day? Why not start your Cafe Maxims treat with a box of chocolates and a cup of Moonlight Beauty White Tea? It helps stimulate the senses and at the same time, takes away the blues. How about the slice of Strawberry Mousse? The strawberry jelly layer on top with white chocolate base and a slice of strawberry, I love it! Cures your sweet tooth longings.



Mango Yogurt Cheesecake from Cafe Maxims



White Macadamia Mousse from Cafe Maxims



Forget not Mango Yogurt Cheesecake and White Macadamia Mousse. I love the thick layer of yogurt base for Mango Yogurt Cheesecake which complements the slices of mango on top, perfect for an afternoon sugar rush. White Macadamia Mousse worked to my liking since I like Macadamia nuts, with the thick chocolate bite as well. Make sure to have this one.



Cafe Maxim’s Forest Ham and Emmental Cheese Sandwich



Vietnamese Style Sandwich at Cafe Maxims



If the cakes excite you, wait until you tried their sandwiches! First up is the Forest Ham and Emmental Cheese Sandwich which I did not expect much until tasting. I immediately remembered that I am in Cafe Maxims and it was one of the best ham and cheese sandwiches I have ever tasted, none from the ordinary. Vietnamese Style Sandwich had me wanting for more with its taste reminiscent to pho which is stimulating and soothing at the same time. The perfect moistness of bread with its crunchy layer filled with cold cuts, meatballsroast pork, sardine and cilantro is what I would return for at Cafe Maxims.



Cafe Maxims Salad



Cafe Maxims Burger



Your Cafe Maxims experience would not also be complete without tasting their signature dishes. Check out Cafe Maxims Salad which I fell in love with its prawns and a perfect prelude to Cafe Maxims Burger. This is not your ordinary burger ladies and gentlemen for everything is premium from prime Angus rib eye with choice mushrooms in truffle oil and fresh greens. The bread base is a buttered brioche with its fresh smell and taste. Too big for your appetite? Share with someone, especially a date and do not forget to share the equally tasty fresh potato fries. Go order some hot coffee too to push town the tasty burger treat.



Mango Gelato Smoothie, Dulce de Leche Gelato Blend and Iced Latte



Gelato treats from Cafe Maxims



If all those was heavy for you, take a break and have some of Cafe Maxims Gelato. Cafe Maxims takes pride in having 100% natural gelato made for your health conscious taste. You can enjoy it either with 50g or 100g, depends on how your sweet tooth can go. Aside from the usual scoop, Cafe Maxims also has blended gelato drinks. Check out the Mango Gelato Smoothie and Dulce de Leche Gelato Blend, both creamy but surprisingly light. Dulce de Leche Gelato Blend goes well with Ube Ensaymada which I found amusingly in the menu as well. Truly, a visit to Cafe Maxims is worth the time and also your effort.





When In Manila, and craving for that perfect afternoon treat or just waiting for a friend’s delayed flight at the NAIA Terminal 3, head over to Resorts World Manila for a gustatory delight at Cafe Maxims in the lobby of Maxims Hotel.



Cafe Maxims 

Maxims Hotel, Resorts World Manila

Pasay City, Metro Manila

Tel. No. (632) 836-6333



When In Manila photos by JoTan23, write-up by República Negrénse.



Cafe Maxims: Top of the Line Delicious Treats at Resorts World Manila 

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