Cab Driver Returned Extra Money After Passenger Mistakenly Paid Him P7000 for a P700 Ride!

I guess, it’s an amazing Wednesday today as the majority of the stories in my Facebook Newsfeed are all positive!! Hooray for today!

First, my favorite actor is now finally the voice behind the GPS app, Waze.

Read the full article: The Voice of God (Morgan Freeman) Can Now Narrate Your Travel in the Road.

Morgan Freeman Waze

Second, the Queen of Pop, Madonna, visited and spent time with the homeless children in Manila. And, so much more!

And, so much more!

However, this story I’m about share with you is also amazing and a must share for all of us!

So, the story was shared by Junction Hostel.

junction hostel lobby

Read more about them here.

According to them, their New Zealand guest by the name of Andreas Bjerke, took a cab from the airport at around 12 noon on February 19, 2016. When Andreas arrived at the hostel around 2 PM, he immediately took a nap and when he woke up, he realized that he mistakenly paid the cab driver P7,000 rather than P700, as the bills looked similar.

Junction Hostel Honest Cab Driver

As luck would have it, Andreas was able to get Kuya Joever Bustilllo’s business card and was immediately assisted by Junction Hostel’s supervisor, Nikko, to call the driver.

Junction Hostel Cab Driver

(L-R) Greg Jarabata, owner of Junction Hostel, Joever Bustillo (driver), and Andreas (guest).

Surprisingly, when the supervisor called Kuya Joever (cab driver), he told the supervisor that he was already on his way back to the hostel to return the money to Andreas.

cab driver Junction Hostel

Kuya Joever apologized for the delay as he attended to another guest who was bound to Cavite, which was two hours away from the Hostel.

Here’s the full story posted on their Facebook page:

Good Samaritan, cabbie Joever Bustilllo

Last Friday, 19 Feb at 12 noon, one of our guests Andreas Bjerke from New Zealand, took a cab from the airport to Junction Hostel. After paying the driver Joever Bustillo, he checked in, took a nap and only when he woke up around 6pm, did he realize that he paid the driver P7,000 rather than P700, as the bills looked similar. Good thing, he was able to get the driver’s calling card and was quickly assisted by Nikko, Junction’s supervisor. Nikko then calls driver Joever who happens to be on his way back to the hostel. Apologizes for the delay as he had to bring a guest to Cavite which is almost 2 hours away. He also did not notice at that time that Andreas paid him P7,000. Upon arrival, Joever returned the cash to Andreas who was so grateful with his gesture and rewarded him for his efforts.

Joever Bustillo, thank you for your honesty and service! This is genuinely Filipino hospitality. You’re a great example to all Pinoy Cab drivers.

Indeed, amazing stories like this can brighten someone’s day.
Good job, Kuya Joever!! We need more cab drivers like you. Please know that we are aware and we are always on the look out for other good samaritans like you on earth. We wish you all the best and keep up the good work!
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