INSPIRING: Passenger Commends Deaf Uber Driver for Excellent Service

I love hearing inspirational stories especially if the people involved are PWDs or People With (Dis)abilities. Yesterday, just when we were about to welcome the month of February, a Facebook post caught my attention: a screenshot of an Uber transaction that shows about the driver being DEAF.

Yes, you read it right, a Deaf driver. Uber does not only provide impeccable driving service but also embraces diversity by including deaf people in their roster (of amazing partners/drivers).

As luck would have it, the owner of the photo accepted my Facebook message request and found out that it was his friend who used the Uber. According to him, they waited until the booking became successful.

He said: “we waited for her to book the ride after dinner, and she sighed, and said “awww nice” and showed us, I just took a photo and posted it.”

He also shared his friend’s amazing experience: “It was a pleasant experience daw and no major difference with other Uber services, same excellent service. So it’s nice to know daw na ganun. Nice din daw (the driver) and thanked her pa before she left.”

Deaf Uber Driver

Source: Ivan Dela Cueva Picazo. He is also a Deaf and PWD advocate. Thanks, Ivan and Dia Magsaysay for sharing your wonderful story with me.

Here’s the full caption to his photo:

Kudos, Uber!

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Fundamentally, companies like Uber really hire people with (dis)abilities. In fact, it was 1998 when I first experienced being “guided” by a deaf worker at Bench Harrizon Plaza branch. Moreover, Accenture also hires and has special programs for PWDs.

Personally, people with (dis)abilities have a special place in my heart. My brother was deaf and used to dance for Teatro Silencio Pilipinas, a Filipino group of deaf dancers.

This goes to show that these people are indeed genuine and even more special as they can still work despite their inability to hear and speak.

And, that’s what makes them different from us.

“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” – Scott Hamilton

Have you encountered a similar experience? What can you say about companies that hire PWDs? I would love to hear your thoughts about this. Share them in the comment section below!