The Voice of God (Morgan Freeman) Can Now Narrate Your Travel on the Road

Morgan Freeman Waze

Morgan Freeman, who is popularly known for being the voice of God on film, can now narrate your travel since his voice will soon be available on Waze.

According to Waze’s blog, Freeman is one of the most requested voices among Waze users and soon driver’s can have him as their navigation buddy.

Morgan Freeman Waze (1)

Photo from: Waze Blog

To use Freeman’s voice, simply download the app and voice for free at Then, go to Settings > Sound > Voice Language > Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman Waze (2)

Photo from: Waze Blog

As of today, we have checked the app and it isn’t available yet. It has been rolled out in the US and hopefully, we get to use God’s voice on our road trips soon.

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