C2 Classic Cuisine: Modern Filipino Food

When in Manila, you’re not a real Filipino if you haven’t even tasted the great Pinoy classics Kare Kare and Bulalo. C2 Classic Cuisine does everyone a favor by cooking up a formidable slew of delightful dishes taste buds—both Filipino and foreign—can never resist.


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C2 Classic Cuisine Dining Out


Just to give you an idea how incredibly delicious Filipino cuisine really is, C2 Classic Cuisine updates the traditional Filipino dishes to come up with tasty and original treats. For the modern Pinoy out for a great time with their balikbayan relatives, here are some of the bestselling offerings from C2 Classic Cuisine:


C2 Classic Cuisine Drinks Drinks served in tall, bamboo-inspired glass containers.


Buko Pandan Shake – Php 105
Enjoy the remarkably mild flavor of coconut juice in C2 Classic Cuisine’s Buko Pandan Shake. It’s a refreshing drink free of artificial sweeteners.

C2 Classic Cuisine Buko Pandan


Maja Mais con Yelo – Php 105
Personally I love this drink! It’s already a dessert in itself. This sweet corn milk shake is super sweet and delicious. The bits of latik (coconut curd) works well with the flavor of the milk shake.

C2 Classic Cuisine Maja Mais


C2 Shangri La’s Junior Chef Head  Bless Que allowed my friends and I to try the new dishes available that are not yet on the menu. She herself made these masterpieces, and my friends and I were all eager to try them out!


Batangas Bulalo 
Holy calories, batman! This traditional Filipino dish has been updated to offer tender beef slices. The dish is far leaner than the real deal, but it tastes great nevertheless. The sauce in particular is a standout: It’s composed of mashed sweet potatoes, vinegar and fish sauce.

C2 Cuisine Batangas Bulalo


C2 Classic Cuisine Bulalo Love the fresh veggies!



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