By The Hour’s Cold Brew Will Kick The Afternoon Slump Away

I’m a big fan of coffee. Rich, full-bodied liquid caffeine to easily boost your mood any time of the day. Some days, I enjoy it black with a splash of Laurin and a bit of butter – that’s bulletproof coffee for you. Most days, as the budget depletes (petsa de peligro, baby!); I enjoy cheap but reliable 3-in-1 coffee.

No matter how expensive or cheap my coffee is, though, it does the job. It keeps me alert when my energy bar goes low. I recently discovered the wonders of ‘cold brew’.


Oh, boy. If I were to personify this cold brew, it would be the cheerleader who can’t keep her mouth shut and turbocharges your body into working full speed. You’ll be in a trance of focus and pure concentration. I’m not even joking when I say that.

I tasted my first ever cold brew through By The Hour. At first glance, I knew it would look really nice on my desk. It’s aesthetically pleasing. More than the looks, though, it also packs a punch. As I said, it’s that kind of cheerleader hiding in a bottle.


By The Hour is owned by James De Ocampo. As amazing as it is, he personally makes and concocts the cold brew coffee for you. Each bottle is exquisitely made by order to ensure the utmost quality.

You may wonder how this cold brew is any different from usual iced coffee. Well, iced coffee is basically your hot brewed coffee, cooled down and served with ice. Cold brew goes through a different brewing process.

By The Hour, as the name suggests, represents the time spent in making and adjusting the flavor of the coffee. The brewing time usually lasts overnight. This way, the coffee grounds steep and the flavor develops to its maximum potential. You can get away with cheap, low-quality coffee when brewed hot; but when it comes to cold brew, you can easily distinguish what’s good and what’s not.

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James told us that developing the perfect concoction requires a lot of testing and experimentation. He tried different types of cold brew coffee from different regions and noticed that most establishments use beans from foreign countries. He, however, chooses to support local and uses Kapeng Barako instead.


As of this writing, Tweedle Book Cafe is their only partner establishment. Worry not, though. By The Hour Cold Brew is also available online through their Facebook and Instagram accounts (see the bottom of the article). You can get it anytime and anywhere within Metro Manila using same-day delivery! If you’re not in a hurry, they also offer a weekly delivery schedule. Any order made and paid for by Friday will be delivered on Monday the following week.

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Each bottle only costs Php120. If you order a pack of 6 or more, you can even enjoy free delivery within Metro Manila! They currently only have two variants – Vietnamese Style and Sweetened – but they’re planning to launch new concoctions you’ll surely love, too.

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