Butterfly Twists Autumn Winter 2013 Collection

When in Manila, you always want to put your best foot forward and for most young ladies today, that means being fashionably dress! I’m no exemption to this kind of belief and for me being in fashion means wearing heels! Maybe it’s because my style icon growing up was Carrie Bradshaw who was always in her Manolos no matter where she went or what she did – attending media parties, lunch with the girls, a night out of town with her boyfriend, etc. But having worn heels plenty of times myself, I have to admit that while Carrie makes it seem like it’s no trouble at all, being in heels for hours hurts a lot! 

So what’s a girl to do? Well, I’ve been wearing shoes and lugging around slippers – at times ballet flats – for those times when I can no longer stand to be in heels because my feet are killing me! But slippers are bulky that you have to bring a big bag just to stow it away. So for me the invention of foldable flats aka Butterfly Twists is truly heaven sent!

Here’s a short background about the brand. Butterfly Twists was designed with girls-on-the-go in mind; offering a set of innovative shoes that can be folded, stored in a pouch, and stashed in a bag. Originally, it was marketed as after-heels footwear but it later on took a different course. Now these pair of shoes have not only been created with style but also durability to last a whole day of walking. 

Meet the latest Butterfly Twists offering. Presenting the Autumn Winter 2013 collection that showcases over 30 new designs and color selections. 


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And you’d think women were behind this brand! You couldn’t be more wrong! Butterfly Twists, shoes made for women’s convenience was actually an idea born out of four men! That’s how this UK-based, fashion-forward foldable shoe brand started. One of the founders, who prefers to remain incognito, lost a bet and as a consequence, he had to go to a party wearing 6-inch stilettos! Talk about torture!


Mark Quaradeghini, co-founder of Butterfly Twists said that the way women live today, everyone seems to be enjoying the on-the-go lifestyle. You have a career, you travel, you shop, you go out a lot, you workout, and you have a family to attend to. Butterfly Twists is here as their shoe partner whatever activity they do – a shoe on the go for the woman on the go. 



I lusted over the Windsor Wellies which are rollable rain boots because they are made for walking the flooded streets of Manila! Just in time for the rainy season. They come in different colors too! 


Quaradeghini further shared that they want women to be able to do the thing they love in confidence. You will walk in style without having to worry about painful feet, which can only be delivered by a shoe made with the busy woman’s lifestyle in mind. That’s our brand essence, and that’s what Butterfly Twists delivers. 





 I just love that there are so many styles to choose from!  When in Manila where women’s lifestyle is always on-the-go, you can still wear fashionable shoes and also be comfortable with Butterfly Twists around!  

Visit www.facebook.com/ButterflyTwistsPhilippines and @BTwists on Twitter for more information. 

Butterfly Twists Autumn Winter 2013 Collection

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