Bullied #DancingMan Now to Party with 1,726 Women, Pharell, Moby & Andrew W.K.

People on internet can be very mean. Sometimes, though, humanity redeems itself in ways you’d never imagine possible. Just ask #DancingMan.

It all started with a photo on 4Chan with the caption: “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”




Soon enough, someone posted a  screenshot on imgur condemning the atrocious behavior. 



What happened next was just absolutely beautiful: 


There was an outpour of love and support for #DancingMan. User Cassandra Fairbanks, took it a step further and went to Twitter to #FindDancingMan. Soon enough, he was found!



He was identified as a Londoner named Sean and he graciously accepted the invitation. As of posting, $35,000 + has been raised to finance his trip to L.A. by online do-gooders who wanted to do something special for #DancingMan Sean.



And if you thought things couldn’t get better, Pharell Williams, Moby, and Andrew T.K. has expressed interest in going to the party.



#DancingMan says:




Faith in humanity restored. Keep on Dancing, #DancingMan!


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