BTS’ Jungkook’s Evolution By BTS Era

BTS’ “Golden Maknae” Jeon Jung Kook grew up right in front of the eyes of his older BTS members and ARMY. Through the years, we have witnessed how Jungkook changed from being a cute baby bunny into a very fine man while he upholds his impeccable talents. We may miss seeing his chubby cheeks and innocent eyes, but let’s also admit that we love the grown-up sexy Jungkook that we see now.

To celebrate his 22nd birthday last September 1, let’s do a rundown on how his looks have changed by BTS era from his pre-debut days to the present.

Trainee / Pre-Debut Days

2013 – Debut Period / No More Dream era

2014 – Boy In Luv / Danger Era

2015 – I NEED U / Dope Era

2015 – Hwayangyeonwha Pt. 2 / Run Era

2016 – Hwayangyeonwha: Young Forever / Fire Era

2016 – Wings Era

2017 – You Never Walk Alone Era

2017 – Love Yourself: HER Era

2018 – Love Yourself: TEAR / Fake Love Era

2018 – Love Yourself: Answer / IDOL Era

2019 – Map Of The Soul: Persona Era

BONUS: Here’s a fancam focused on JK during their recent appearance at the Lottee Family Concert in Seoul featuring his sexy, wavy, long locks.

Whatever he may look like now, he is still our favorite baby bunny who blesses us with his enormous talents and gorgeous looks.

Belated happy birthday, Jungkookie!


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