Brothers Burger Launches Red Bun Black Angus Burgers for the Month of February

When in Manila, you’d think celebrating Valentines would end on February 14, right? That’s where you’re wrong! Get bitten by the love bug all through this month and well into March with Brothers Burger’s special treat! Known for their massive burgers that mean serious business, Brothers Burger has whipped up something totally out of this world for the month of love.




Brothers Burger Launches Red Bun Black Angus Burger for the Month of Love


Available until March 8, Brother’s Burger has released their special Red Bun Angus Burger. Yes, it’s Brother’s Burger’s famous half-pound Angus beef burger patty with all the wonderful trimmings, topped with an insanely bright red bun! No artificial flavors or coloring here guys, Brother’s Burger does their red buns au’ naturel. Brother’s Burger’s red buns are all crafted from scratch with cranberries and beetroot, thus giving their buns a lively, “Valentines red” shade. Now, don’t get freaked out by the color, these red buns are quite tasty, with just a slight and distinct fruity flavor that you never thought would suit Angus beef quite nicely. Pair it with Brother’s Burger’s criss cut fries for a yummy match made in fast food heaven!