Bring Back Your Smile with GAOC’s World-Class Dental Services

I had a dental mishap in Novermber 2015, and I was always hesitant to go to another dentist because they might only cause bigger troubles. I already lost hope of fixing it, but as one last attempt, I took a chance in the hopes of finally putting a stop to my dental problem.

Have you heard of GAOC and Dr. Steve Mark Gan? I have. Celebrities have him to thank for their dental needs.

In November, a filling I had was high so I went back and had it adjusted. I had to go back three times but it was never fixed, so I finally gave up and just tried living with the pain I had on the lower right side of my teeth. I couldn’t eat properly for months. But that was before I finally went to GAOC.


As soon as I entered GAOC in Medical Plaza, I was in awe. The reception is pretty spacious, super clean, and doesn’t smell like the hospital at all (which is common, and many people hate).

I was greeted with smiles by the receptionists who asked me to sit at the lounge. This is Ms. Chai who was very accommodating to me and the other patients 🙂

Bring Back your Smile with GAOC

They then sat with me and asked me to fill up a form that is programmed in tablets. From their program, they can access your dental history, treatment plan, and whatever it is that your dentists note. They will also take a photo of you so don’t be surprised that the staff can greet you with your name!

Bring Back your Smile with GAOC

My initial appointment was to figure out my dental plan and if there were any concerns that I needed to bring up. I told them about my previous dental mishap, after which they then proceeded with checking my teeth. I was told I needed a bunch of fillings, whitening, root canal, and TMJ treatment. They also asked me if I am open to getting braces, but I’m not sure yet.

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Afterwards, they took me to the exam room where they examined my teeth again, took x-rays, photos, and molded my teeth so they can make dental impressions.

Bring Back your Smile with GAOC

Then the dental nurse asked me if I wanted to watch a movie. Yes, you can actually watch a movie while a treatment is on going.

Bring Back your Smile with GAOC

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