These Local Aromatherapy Inhalers Smell like Coffee and Desserts!

With self-care as a necessary step in our everyday routine, I like discovering new things that I could enjoy whenever I get stuck in my usual episodes of work-related anxiety. But out of everything I’ve tried so far, there’s nothing quite like aromatherapy.

I love aromatherapy because I like having something within reach that could provide instant pain and stress relief while I’m on-the-go. All I have to do is take in the scent and bid my headaches and worries goodbye!

There are plenty of options in the market, but local brand Breathe MNL is worthy of special attention.

Breathe MNL aromatherapy inhalers

Breathe MNL makes carefully-curated essential oil blends mixed in a bed of Himalayan salt. However, instead of going for conventional herbal fragrances, they have brought in something unusual and different in the spirit of the holiday season with three unique scents that smell exactly like a Christmas morning!

Breathe MNL scents

Introducing their holiday collection: Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Coffee!

Their VANILLA scent is not to be overlooked because one whiff of its creamy aroma will instantly soothe your senses. When I was stressing out about work, this really helped me calm down. If you want something that can relax you or help you go to sleep, this is the scent you should have.

Their CINNAMON aroma is the most distinct out of the collection. This scent is very rich yet spicy and is meant to help you focus on your tasks, stimulate your senses, and reduce your sleepiness during the day.

Their COFFEE scent is by far my favorite out of all three. It features a deep and toasty aroma with undertones of chocolate that’s enough to perk you up in the morning. It’s a guaranteed mood and energy booster while relieving you of stress. So if you want to get the effects of your daily cup of coffee without actually drinking it, this is great for you. Sometimes, I like taking a whiff of both Coffee and Cinnamon at the same time because it reminds me of my favorite spiced latte!

Breathe MNL cover WIM

It also comes in eco-friendly packaging.

I particularly love that they’re all handy and lightweight; I can just pop them in my bag and reach for it any time I feel stressed or in need of a pick-me-up.

Now I’m definitely looking forward to relaxed and worry-free ‘Ber months!

Breathe MNL