Breakout Philippines’ Zombie Room in Trinoma: Out with a Zombie, In with Zombies!

Taking the escape room fever up a notch, BreakOut Philippines continues to blow our minds with their newest offering exclusive for a month: The Zombie Room BreakOut @ Trinoma! BreakOut Philippines fans can expect a more challenging, at times frustrating, but definitely fun time trying to break out from this room. If you’re a BreakOut Philippines newbie, the Zombie Room is highly recommended for your first time! You’ll be addicted to playing BreakOut – just like we are.


BreakOut Philippines Zombie Room Trinoma

It’s dark. You’ve been popping in and out of consciousness not knowing where you are.. Then you discover you’re in a cage (crazy, right?). At least you’re alive.. For now. You hear a growl. A sound you only hear in nightmares. You discover a zombie across the room.

BreakOut Philippines Zombie Room Trinoma

The catch: Add ‘s’ at the end of the word ‘zombie.’ Unlike The Walking Dead BreakOut Special, with only a single human-eating zombie, the zombies now exist in plural form. Yes, you’ll get to encounter not a Zombie, but zombieS. And while you’re trying to find your way out of that creepy cage, you’ll only be given 30 minutes to find clues leading to that door to freedom. Can you and your friends be one of The Zombie Room BreakOut survivors?

BreakOut Philippines Zombie Room Trinoma

It’s 9 P.M. at the TriNoma Mall and as dark gets even darker, with a bit of light to shed a little hope to this challenge we’re about to go through, we set into The Zombie Room with blindfolds, not knowing what to expect. The next minutes were a whirlwind of mind games, trying to piece every clue we could find, with zombies trying to get to us (or banging the walls, or freaking our heads out). During the last 3 minutes of the game, I admit I was kinda losing hope of getting out of that cage; but still, the team managed to break out in 28 minutes and 40 seconds! Whew! That was close!


BreakOut Philippines Zombie Room Trinoma

The Team!


This BreakOut special is one you should definitely not miss! Running until March 22, head to TriNoma Mall now, experience The Zombie Room, and emerge (or at least try to emerge) as BreakOut Legends!

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