Brasserie Girolle: Best French Gastropub In The City

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Brasserie Girolle: Best French Gastropub In The City


French restaurants are usually known as “fancy, stiff and snobbish” due to the elegant interior of the place and intimidating list of french words on the menu (that we don’t even know how to pronounce). Well, let Brasserie Girolle take that notion about french restaurants away. Brasserie Girolle is a very homey, casual dining restaurant serving traditional flavorful French cuisine in style. Perfect place to wine and dine or just chill out with your friends after dinner. This IS the place to de-stress after a long day at the office. 


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Aside from serving classic French cuisine cooked with the finest ingredients, would you believe that they also offer super affordable lunch specials for as low as 125 pesos?! YES, you read that right. Go and visit them to check and confirm. We also couldn’t believe it at first because the place looks so high end and yet they also serve these quality and awesome Php 125 lunch specials. But of course, that’s only for their lunch specials.


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 Boeuf Braise au vin Rouge (Braised Short Rib)


Brasserie Girolle still offers regular French dishes that go through complicated cooking such as the 8-hour slow-braised short rib beef that was oh so tender, served with classic potato puree done the French way. Instead of the regular mashed potato, Brasserie Girolle roasts the potatoes in salt and then adds hot milk and butter to add texture and flavor, just like what they do in France. There’s also the pork belly that was roasted with white wine for 6 hours and then compressed with bricks overnight before cutting them into little squares and then frying the skin to make it crispy. It’s so complicated but the result is enchanting.


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Crispy and Savory Pork Belly (Every calorie is so worth it)


What makes Brasserie Girolle’s menu different is that it changes almost weekly so there’s always something new to look forward to. If you want to try the food on the photos then you better visit them asap because you’ll never know if they’re serving it again by next week ;) Nevertheless, no need to worry since there are still staple dishes in the menu that will always be there (mainly, the crowd favorites like the steak tartare, which I have yet to try).


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Brasserie Girolle is also a “go to” place for an intimate family brunch affair. With a wide variety of menu to choose from, Chef Ian Padilla definitely made sure every single one of the family gets to have a wonderful time at Brasserie Girolle – from eggs benedict for the little ones to salads for those who want “something healthy” and to steak for the meat lovers. We highly recommend getting the Mimosa as a refreshment to partner with your happy Sunday brunch. It’s a delightful mix of orange juice, champagne and Grand Marnier. It’s undeniably the perfect Sunday brunch drink.


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  Salade de Chevre Chaud (Warm Goat’s Cheese Salad)

Deep fried goat’s cheese served on a bed of fresh greens with roasted beetroot, honey, balsamic vinegar topped with candied nuts


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 Eggs en Cocotte (eggs cooked in water)

Eggs with caramelized shallots, cream, salt and pepper, Gruyere cheese

This is like egg salad open faced-sandwich :)


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Steak Frites with herbed butter

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Brasserie Girolle uses the inside skirt meat – leaner and more flavorful


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Chocolate mousse with chiffon crust


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 Terrine au Chocolat

Orgasm in every bite! This is like a huge block of fine chocolate truffle with pistachio nuts and cream.

Mmmmmmm…Sooooooo goooooood


If the food doesn’t excite you, Brasserie Girolle’s happy hour will! Mark your calendars for their daily happy hour (except Friday). For just Php 999, you can DRINK and ORDER ALL YOU CAN with a wide selection of drinks to choose from: wine, local beers, vodka, tequila, gin, Johnny Walker, house wine, etc. You may also ask the waiter to have the drinks as a shot or make a mix or variation that you want. You’ll definitely start and end the week HAPPY. 


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DID YOU KNOW that Brasserie Girolle is one of the few bars/restaurants in Metro Manila that offers more than 50 bottles of wine with 8-10 bottles of wine selection by the glass?! The selection varies from different reds, whites, rose, sparkling, etc). They also serve 10-15 kinds of imported cheeses to go together with your choice of wine.


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Check out Brasserie Girolle’s other promos:

  •  Fridays at Brasserie featuring DJs from top clubs in the metro (with promo on drinks, too)
  •  Acoustic Wednesday Sessions (offering Php 500 beer bucket + pica pica)
  • Php 700 UNLIBEER promo from 5pm to 12 midnight (except Friday)
  • Php 999 UNLIDRINKS promo  from 5pm to 12 midnight (except Friday)


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Brasserie Girolle: Casual French Dining (Divine Food, Awesome Drinks)

 G/F, Fort Pointe II Building, 28th St, Taguig

(right below URBN)

Contact Number: 856.6639


Like them on Facebook:


Write Up by Joanne Tan –

Photos by Josephine Arce –


Brasserie Girolle: Best French Gastropub In The City

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