Brad Pitt Was Interested in Being Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’

Last month, I wrote that Pierce Brosnan could be Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’. Well, rumours are currently circulating that Brad Pitt was actually interested in being Cable, as well. At first, I didn’t really think too much of that news, but then this piece of fan art caught my eye and I must say: he could actually suit the role really well! Check it out:

Brad Pitt Cable

Sadly, this news doesn’t look too promising, though, seeing as Brad Pitt is set to star in the sequel of ‘World War Z’, but it’s still nice to hope while ‘Deadpool 2’ still hasn’t chosen its Cable yet.

Word is that Cable will be playing a big part in the sequel, so casting the role proves to be vital.

Apparently, Domino will be in the movie, too. For now, there still isn’t any release date for the movie, but one thing’s for sure: we cannot wait!!!