#BoyfriendForHire Infomercial: For All Your Valentine’s Woes

When In Manila, and especially because it’s valentines day, people are getting the love bug!

But, not everyone has a special someone on the day of hearts. Becaus of this, there were a number of posts about “boyfriends for hire” that became viral. One of them was a post by chinito cutie Agassi Ching.

agassi ching

(Read the whole thing here)

So, because it’s valentine’s day and as a service to the world, we decided to bring to life said infomercial. Starring none other than Agassi Ching, viral bae for hire:

(Guys, no Aga isn’t really for hire but we thank him for being a good sport and doing this with us)

This gave us a good chuckle. I hope you had as much fun watching as we did shooting the whole thing! What do you think about this?


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