Boxing: Why Pacquiao Might Still Return to the Ring

After Manny Pacquiao’s unanimous decision win against Timothy Bradley yesterday, fans, boxing analysts, and even his coach is hoping that Pacquiao would reconsider his retirement.

But Pacquiao was somewhat adamant about it.

After the fight, he has made it crystal clear that he wants to spend more time with family and serving the country — he wants to enjoy a retired life

And let’s hand it to him: he needs the R and R. After 15 years of pushing his body to the limit and smashing faces in, there’s a limit to how much punches one can take, even if he looks fight enough to press on.

But Pacquiao also made something clear after the fight: his heart is not a hundred percent ready to let go of boxing, and that it’s torn between two worlds.

His words came out correct: he’s retiring, and finally hanging up his gloves for good, but the conviction in his words were not there — as if he didn’t want to believe in them.

During the post-match interview (in case you missed it), Pacquiao ignited — even just a little — hope that he might return.

My heart is 50/50. I might enjoy retired life or I may come back…. Right now, my decision is to retire. If you ask me [if I’ll] come back, I don’t know. I might be enjoying retired life. I’m not there yet, so
I don’t know the feeling.” Pacquiao said during the post-match interview.

Of course, this isn’t a guarantee that the champ will return, but if the only 8 division world boxing champion decides to return, he will definitely be welcomed with open arms.

What are your thoughts on Pacquiao’s retirement?