Bo’s Coffee 2016 Journal Focuses on Creativity

“This year’s journal, ST-ART, is for the curious the creative, the adventurous.” Bo’s Coffee’s CEO and Founder wrote in Bo’s Coffee’s 2016 Creativity Journal.

Bo’s Coffee just released their series of holiday drinks along with their journal for 2016. While travel was the theme they focused on for last year’s journal, Bo’s Coffee takes pride in creativity this year.



Covered in white paper material with gold embellishments, the journal resembles a blank canvas with endless possibilities for creative personalization. Imagine what you can do to personalize the cover of your very own journal. This journal will definitely bring out your creative self!




This creative journal features basic tips on different forms of art such as typography, coffee painting, sketching, and latte art. Challenge yourself to try various art forms to enrich your creative mind!



The journal is also filled with creative inspirations and interesting information about Philippine coffee origins. The whole journal embodies the theme of coffee + creativity.



Another exciting thing to look forward to in the journal is the Creativity Map for Bo’s Coffee’s #YourHomegrownBrew Challenge. Exciting prizes await the adventurous people who can finish this awesome challenge!


Delightful postcards and gift coupons are also found inside the journal.


You can buy your own Bo’s Coffee 2016 Coffee + Creativity Journal for only P1,000 in any Bo’s Coffee branch nationwide. Get your own copy now and StArt your creative journey!


Bo’s Coffee

StArt: A Coffee + Creativity Journal is available in all Bo’s Coffee branches nationwide.


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