BoomPhones Phantom: Headphones that Transform into a Boombox – Believe It!!!

BoomPhones Phantom: Headphones that Transform into a Boombox – Believe It!!!

Headphones are becoming more and more essential to Filipinos. We love headphones (or earphones) that allow us to enjoy our music without being a nuisance to others. We love it even more that companies are coming up with headphones which are multi-functional. We have seen headphones that transform into speakers, for example, but have you heard of headphones that transform into a boombox?

Say hello to BoomPhones! The first headphones that are modern in design yet can transform into an old-school boombox with just a push of a button!  I was back on my favorite table to test this baby. I even took it out one night for a little road test to share my music through my New Kube mp3 player.

Boomphones Headphones Boombox

Unboxing the BoomPhones Headphones/Boombox

The box comes with a sturdy case, a Bombshell case (pouch),a  registration card (with serial number and instructions on how to register your BoomPhones) and different coiled wires that told me that these headphones can turn into different gadgets. 

Boomphones Headphones Boombox

The BoomPhones Phantom Design

The BoomPhones Phantom is a heavy and chunky piece with four speakers (yes, four!): two speakers inside and two speakers outside that provide the ultimate audio experience. The headpiece is adjustable for a good, snug fit. The, inside speakers are cushioned for a comfortable and easy feel on the ears, as well, and are big enough to cover the entire ears, giving off a feeling of deafness until you blast on your music.  

Boomphones Headphones Boombox

BoomPhones keeps the look sophisticated in full black matte, adding a touch of color to the metal plate to separate the inner and outer speakers from one another. There is a switch  located on the left panel of the headphones (where the bomb button is also located). When turned on, a steady bass level sound is produced.

Boomphones Headphones Boombox

To transform the headphone into a boombox, just push the logo (the bomb!) on the left panel of the headphone. The LED lights indicate which speakers are active. They light up in WHITE when the inner speakers are active and turn GREEN when the outer speakers are on. They give off great spunk and style, especially out at night. 

Boomphones Headphones Boombox

The BoomPhones Phantom Features

BoomPhones as HeadPhones

BoomPhones Phantom is an impressive traditional headset. It provides more than one type of listening mode. You can enjoy the traditional mode (without the LED light on) with a clear, sound and crisp sound.  You can enjoy the Internally amplified mode (which can be activated by turning the WHITE LED switch on) with a prominent bass sound that can be turned up without distortion, as well.

BoomPhones as a Speaker/Boombox!

Boomphones is serious when it markets the Phantom as “the first-ever headphones that can transform into a boombox with just the push of a button”!

See the clip below and witness how I let the sound explode from the headphone. You will notice that even before (and after) the outer speakers are turned on (off), you can hear the music blasting from the inner speakers! Now it is easier to share your music. 

BoomPhones as a Speakerphone

Boomphones Phantom Headphones also work as a mobile headset to answer and receive calls. A special 3-pin cable is included in the box with built-in microphone and volume control. So, with a push of a button, you can use the Boomphones Phantom as a speakerphone to let your friends or family members join in (and listen in) to your conversations. 

Boomphones Headphones Boombox

BoomPhones as a Portable Amp

If the boombox transformation doesn’t excite you, how about plugging in your electric guitar to the BoomPhones Phantom and rock the house for a real music fest?  

Boomphones Headphones Boombox

The BoomPhones Phantom comes with a pin that you can plug into your electric devices. We plugged it into my brother’s acoustic/electric guitar for a road test. See the clip below.

Boomphones Headphones Boombox

I asked for a little help from my brother to test this feature. His verdict – the sound is amplified without distortion.

Basically, you can use the BoomPhones Phantom Headphones as a portable amplifier for your keyboard, MP3 player, computer, stereo, or music-enabled phone, electric guitar, or beat machine. It is packed with a built-in lithium battery that’s easily rechargeable through a mini-USB. The LED lights up in BLUE when charging.

Boomphones Headphones Boombox

What I love about BoomPhones Phantom?

  • Multi-functional headphones that can be used as headphones, a speaker or a speakerphone.
  • Comfortable and easy on the ears. 
  • It produces loud and crisp music that you can enjoy and share.
  • It functions as portable amplifier! 

The BoomPhones Phantom Lowlights:

  • Although the “push-of-a-button transformation” is quite cool, I am little worried that an accidental push might activate the outer speakers and break my eardrums. It is safe to keep the switch OFF and enjoy music in passive mode (without the bass and WHITE LED off).
  • I wish it would allow bluetooth connectivity.
  • It is a bit heavy for a portable speaker and amplifier (I am forgetting that BoomPhones gives you 4 speakers for the price of 1 ;))
  • The design might be a little too chunky for the mobile demographic .

Boomphones Headphones Boombox

The BoomPhones Phantom is a modern set of headphones that will let you enjoy and share your music anywhere. The BoomPhones Phantom gives you license to carry a bomb and push it to send music blasting out for a real audio experience in an old-school boombox way. 

Photos taken by Adrian Gonzales using Olympus SZ-14 Digital Camera

The BoomPhones Phantom is available in Black, Green, Pink and Blue at  Php 6,950.

The BoomPhones Phantom is available in Beyond the Box and Digital Walker.



BoomPhones Phantom: Headphones that Transform into a Boombox – Believe It!!!


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