[Review & Giveaway] NewKube: Smallest MP3 Player Now in Manila!

When in Manila, we discovered the smallest mp3 player in the world!

We travel, commute and enjoy each day with music. We literally bring music to our lives. We see people with earphones (or headphones) banging their heads in rhythm with the music that they are listening to. Some even do their solo concerts unknowingly, as they sing along with the artist while turning the volume up of their gadget.  You can experience the same too, with an mp3 player as small as a dice.



Bluetree Electronics, maker of next generation audio technology brings us the smallest mp3 player – NewKube mp3 Player (the third generation of mp3 player from the Kube Family of compact mp3 players).

At first sight, you will fall in love with the gadget, as it is super cute and comes with different colors – red, black, pink and white. It is too small and compact – it is a bit bigger than a dice, but a little smaller than the ice cube in your soda.



Not much of a ceremony. The NewKube mp3 Player is not complicated. True to its image, it is small and got everything you need. The package comes with:


  • newKube mp3 Player – you cannot miss it!
  • USB Cable – used for charging and transferring music files
  • Earphones – with clip
  • 2 GB micro SD Card – it has 32 GB external micro SD card slot.
  • Guide Manual printed on the same packaging inlay



I love how easy you can charge and transfer the songs to this awesome gadget. Just simply plug the USB in your computer and just copy and paste (or drag and drop music files to the folder).  That easy! There is no need to run or set-up any application.

It reads and works like a card reader.


NewKube mp3 Player supports MP3, WMA, WAV and MIDI audio format.  If you need more storage for more music, you can switch to 32 GB micro SD.


Charging takes around 1 hour and play time is around 6 hours (perfect for travelers!).  It blinks red when it needs charging, and blinks blue once plugged and fully charged.


Click Page 2  to read about the design, music quality and how you can win a newKube mp3 Player..