Bohol: The Countryside, The Rivers, and The Sea

Planning a trip somewhere you can see the beauty of countryside, fresh water, and salt water attractions? Why not revisit the City of Friendship and endless beauty that is Bohol?

Bohol is one of the tourist destinations with the most attractions in the Philippines. You can enjoy different scenic views there from unusual land forms, historical places, majestic rivers, and rich marine life in the sea.

The Bohol Countryside

When visiting Bohol, seeing the countryside is a must, especially for first-timers. Here is where you’ll see the unique and classic destinations you’ve always been hearing about.

First and foremost are the Chocolate Hills, the world-renowned landforms that are highly unusual and look simply amazing. These green hills turn into a chocolatey brown color during the dry summer season, hence the name. With over 1000 hills occupying about 5000 hectares of land, the sight of them is simply breathtaking. You can admire them for hours and you’ll definitely understand why they’re famous worldwide.


Another countryside attraction is the Bilar Manmade Forest. On your way to Chocolate Hills from Tagbilaran, you will pass by this road piercing through the towering mahogany forest. The forest is a 2km stretch of trees planted by the locals of Bohol over a decade ago. Apart from the magnificent view, the forest also carries the strong value of friendship and community among the people of Bohol.


You should also see the lovely Butterfly Garden by Simply Butterflies Conservation Center. It houses different breeds of butterflies flying around colorful flowers in their beautiful garden. You can see how well they care for these alluring creatures. There are no questions on the beauty of this place. They also sell butterflies for special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, etc.


Being in the Bohol countryside, you definitely shouldn’t miss our little nocturnal fellows, either — the tarsiers! The tarsiers are considered some of the smallest primates. The distinct features of the tarsiers are their small bodies, long tails, and wide eyes.


When visiting the tarsier conservation center, it is important to keep in mind the rules inside the forest, though. Being nocturnal creatures, the tarsiers get stressed over unusual noises in their surroundings during the daytime when they’re supposed to sleep. Visitors are constantly advised to keep unnecessary noises to a minimum and to avoid flash photography to keep the tarsiers at peace.


The Bohol Rivers

After visiting the countryside attractions, it’s time to try this unique dining experience at the famous Loboc River Floating Restaurant. You will be served a lunch buffet on these floating boats while you cruise along the clean and beautiful Loboc River.



They serve dishes and desserts that are truly Filipino. Having a good meal while enjoying the view and fresh air is the highlight of this river attraction.



In the middle of the cruise, a group of folk dancers will perform in front of the guests. The Loboc River Floating Restaurant will definitely bring you a unique dining experience.


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