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In the fashion world, “boho” or bohemian style is linked to words like individual, unique, free-spirited and romantic. Bohemian fashion means embracing your personality and expressing it through your choice of clothes, shoes and accessories. It is basically about following your own style and inspirations even if it is not the “in” thing.

Bottom line is–if it’s what you like, then it’s all that really matters.

When In Manila, not really everyone can pull off the latest fashion trends, but who cares right? Follow your own style, be YOU and check out I AM LOVE Manila for some boho inspired jewelries and other unique accessories to match your personality 🙂

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Bohemian Feels with I AM LOVE Manila

I AM LOVE Manila is owned by 2 childhood friends namely Kathy and Kathy. Because they both have been fond of accessories ever since, they decided to open a jewelry related business after quitting their corporate jobs late last year, thus the birth of I AM LOVE Manila.

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Inspired by the idea of balance and elegance, I AM LOVE Manila promotes jewelry pieces that bring out uniqueness rather than following the current fashion trend. Sourced from different parts of the world, I AM LOVE Manila’s designs range from simple necklaces to intricately made accessories. Just like what Kathy said: “The designs are simple but when worn the right way, will balance out or statement pieces that will enhance a subdued look.”

Since I AM LOVE Manila’s items are sourced from various parts of the world, the materials also vary. From hammered metals, crystals, and rhodium for items from Spain; to brass, beads and natural stones for items from India and to silver and colored stones from contemporary small stacking jewelries, I AM LOVE Manila is sure to provide high quality and precious accessories that tells a story.

They also have items that are proudly Filipino Made which also happens to be their favorite among the rest!

Here are some items from I AM LOVE Manila’s Boho Collection:

Iris Boho Necklace, which is handmade with multi-colored inlay work and bright blue glass beads.

Iam LOVE Manila 4Iris Boho Necklace at Php 690.00

Cricket Boho Bracelet that is made with iron metal beads layering and held together by a handmade pendant

Iam LOVE Manila 7Cricket Boho Bracelet at Php 490.00

Salima Earrings, dangling earrings with a touch of gold and turquoise intricate inlay.

Iam LOVE Manila 3Salima Earrings at Php 450.00

Tara Boho Necklace that is inspired by the deity is handmade using different colors with intricate inlays.

Iam LOVE Manila 12Tara Boho Necklace at Php 790.00

 Rania Earrings, drop earrings with a touch of red, aqua, and gold intricate inlay work.

Iam Love Manila 2Rania Earrings at Php 450.00

Nisha Boho Necklace is made of aluminum and resin gold plated beads with intricate inlay and handmade.

Iam LOVE Manila 8Nisha Boho Necklace at Php 650.00

Azalea Boho Necklace that is made of red coral and green glass beads.

I Am Love ManilaAzalea Boho Necklace at Php 750.00 

So, what do you guys think? Every piece is unique right? I believe each item has a story to tell and will match a unique personality.. As for me, I think the Azalea Boho Necklace would be my perfect match 🙂

When In Manila, how about you? Which of these pieces do you think will match your uniqueness?

None here? I AM LOVE Manila has a wide selection of unique items found on their website… and all you have to do is visit them!


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Bohemian Jewelries And More by I AM LOVE Manila