Body Slimming through Blue Water Day Spa’s Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy

When in Manila and feeling stressed, try stopping by Blue Water Day Spa Greenhills for a massage. That’s what I did with a friend of mine. We went to try their Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy. This service is actually not just a great way to relieve your body aches, it’s also a fantastic way to help you slim down and tone your body.


Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy treatment is a Chinese origin which uses products that are imported from Tibet. The hard massage is combined with fire therapy which can dramatically improve blood circulation, expedite the removal of bodily toxins and waste and can help reduce the water retention stored inside the limbs. As a result, you’ll be able to tone any part of your body like your arms, thighs, abdomen and buttocks. We chose to try it on the abdomen and the back.

One of Blue Water Day Spa's Couples Room where we had our treatment done.



Prior to getting the treatment, the supervising therapist asked us the following questions:


1) Anyone of us pregnant?


2) Are we menstruating heavily (contradictory to what we knew before, it is actually not a good thing to get a body massage when you’re on your 1st or 2nd day of period)

3) Did we under go any recent surgery?


4) Do we have spinal cord problems?


5) Did we have a heavy meal prior to going there? (It’s definitely not advisable to eat a heavy meal if you plan to get Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy treatment for your abdominal area.)



These questions are necessary for precautionary measures which we definitely appreciated especially the last question since I had a heavy meal before I went to the spa. Luckily because they checked this, I was able to wait it out for a bit before I had my treatment done).


Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy treatment actually requires two therapists to alternately work on you. We were surprised by this at first since from what we know and experienced in the past, massage sessions involves only one therapist. But as we later learned, two therapists were necessary for this treatment.



Getting the tummy area measured pre-treatment

Abdominal Massage

Getting back massage. Sheer bliss!



Getting a hard massage on the back absolutely feels great especially after having a bag slung across the shoulder everyday to and from work and in between when field work is needed. I can’t say the same about the abdominal massage though. It’s actually the first time I had my abdominal area massaged that hard! That’s why, truly I appreciated our supervising therapist’s tip: to relax, focus on your breathing because it worked!


The hard massage was necessary in reducing appearance of loose and sagging skin and smoothing cellulite tissues as well. But like the treatment’s name says, Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy, the hard massage was actually only the start of the treatment. After the massage, comes the fire treatment. Our back and abdominal areas respectively were wrapped in plastic first to protect us from the heat then towels are placed on top. After that, alcohol is poured on the towel and lit up on fire.

I’ve heard about a cold wrap for slimming treatment but if you’re like me who can’t stand the cold, the Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy is the way to go! This fire treatment is done five times and each usually lasts for at least a minute or until you can’t stand the heat anymore. Our supervising therapist told us that the more the fire stays lit up on our body part, the higher the chance of burning fat cells, excess water and toxins. Lucky for me, I could stand the heat so each time they lit the fire on my body, it took a couple of minutes before I would ask them to put it out. My friend on the other hand would ask the therapists to put it out after about 30 seconds to a minute.


After the treatment, they measured our tummy and back areas again to see how effective the fire therapy session had been. I lost about 4 inches around the abdominal area while my friend lost half of that. It was a really good massage session we had. Yes, I felt like I did intense sit ups after that since the muscles around my tummy ached but like they say, “no pain, no gain!”


Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy is a great way to tone your body. If you’re after a really sexy body, you can combine a good fitness exercise program and healthy diet with this treatment from Blue Water Day Spa. The price of this service is quite expensive at P3,000 but at least you’re assured that you’re in good hands – professional hands that is! When in Manila, be sure to drop by Blue Water Day Spa to try Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy to jumpstart your way to a better body.

The professional therapists of Blue Water Day Spa


When In Manila, if you want to know more about their services and branches, you can visit their website at:

Body Slimming through Blue Water Day Spa’s Tibetan Meridian Fire Therapy



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