BMX Legend Dave Mirra Dies

Another Sports legend has left the building.

According to reports, Legendary BMX rider Dave Mirra died on Thursday from an “apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.”


Dave Mirra, 41, was a huge icon in the X Games scene, holding the record for most X Games medals until 2013, when Bob Burnquist passed him at X Games Munich 2013; he had a total of 24 X Games medals, 14 of them gold.

Other than BMX, Mirra was also known in car rally, having compete in a number of rally car events.

In 2013, Mirra competed in the BikeShore 70.3 mile Triathlon Ironman event where he placed fourth; he continued participating in Ironman events through 2015.

Have you seen Dave Mirra in the X Games?

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