Blood Knight to Debut in Diablo Universe As 7th Payable Class in Diablo Immortal

Hell burns a little hotter in Sanctuary as Blood Knights make their debut as the 7th playable class in Diablo Immortal. Starting July 13, players can try their hand as the Blood Knight, available for free to everyone. 

Blood Knight Diablo

Photo: Blizzard Entertainment

The first in the genre-defining series to run on iOS and Android mobile devices, Diablo Immortal features all the depth, intensity, and unbridled mayhem of the genre-defining action role-playing game in a persistent, massively multiplayer online mobile game you can play anytime and anywhere. 


  • LORE TO LOVE: Beware the monster that lies within the shadows! All Blood Knights are trained in an ancient spearfighting style mastered by their order in Gea Kul. They possess supernatural strength and an ethereal connection to one another, but must perform rituals with their mystic keepsakes to stop from transforming into monsters.
  • QUITE THE QUEST: A corrupted Blood Knight has gone rogue and is descending into monstrosity, massacring people and causing chaos. It is up to you, adventurer, to track him down and stop him! Experience the rituals that transform the accursed into blood knights, and learn about the torment they suffer as they fight against their curse.
  • SUPERNATURAL SKILLS: The Blood Knight is a melee hybrid class who devours the lifeblood of their foes, entraps them with summoned shadows, and cuts down any opposition with knightly polearms. They thrive on overtaking their enemies with swift action, as can be seen in their signature skills:
    • Shadow’s Edge: a primary attack that either performs a slash or throws a dagger.
    • Swarm of Bats: summons a cloud of bats to deal damage and move on command.
    • Siphon Blood: steals health from enemies all around.
    • Abomination: kills enemies and absorbs their blood to become more powerful, adding Blood Rush and Shattering Fist skills
    • Skewer: impales a foe and stuns nearby enemies.
  • Mephitic Cloud: shadowy mists cause enemies’ vision to be blurred.
    • More Weapon Slots: Players can now equip two sets of weapons at the same time! With a total of eight primary gear slots and eight possible Legendary Gem slots, the range of possibilities for player choice is near endless. Additional slots unlock at Infernal level.
    • Combat Stances: Each set of weapons provides a stance, and players can get different stance effects by switching weapons during combat. Stance effects are attributed bonuses with a temporary buff and a 15-20 second cool down when players switch stances.


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