Blogging tips from the 2nd Baguio Blog Conference 2013!

When in Manila is honored to be a media partner for the 2nd Baguio Blog Conference 2013, a great day indeed to connect with fellow bloggers from the Cordillera!

Seeing regional blogging events like this just shows how fast the blogging community is growing! It’s also interesting to note that the participants of the BBC 2013 were bloggers of all ages and niches, but we were all there at Azalea Residences Baguio (despite the chilly weather that made it really conducive for sleeping in!) to listen to the six guest speakers talk about different aspects of this (fun) little thing we call blogging. Topics included ethical blogging, niche blogging, photoblogging, creative writing, travel blogging, and Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It was something everyone learned from, regardless of what they blog about or whether they’re 16 or 60!


The BBC 2013‘s guest speakers this year are from Metro Manila & the Cordillera—a good mix of the new and the familiar, so we all got the best of both worlds and a diverse set of insights to boot. Some blogging practices were taught while others were either affirmed or debunked (blog thrice a week, not thrice a year, if you want to grow your readership!). Facts & trends were dished in here and there, and when the day was over we all felt more informed, and, if any, more empowered to continue blogging and giving value to our readers!

Baguio Blog Conference 2013 by for WhenInManila

Baguio Blog Conference 2013 speakers & Cordillera bloggers/Two2Travel for

Here are the HIGHLIGHTS of the BBC 2013 sessions. To see more tweets during the BBC 2013, search for the hashtag #BBC2013 on Twitter.

Vincent Tabor (@sirvincentph) of on Ethical Blogging

Micaela Rodriguez (@senyoritamyx) of on Niche Blogging

Dean Cuanso (@watwatworld) of on Photoblogging:

Omeng Fallarme (@oafallarme) of on Creative Writing:

Yoshke Dimen (@yoshke) of on Travel Blogging:

Ben Francia (@benfrancia) of on SEO & Blogging:

Baguio Blog Conference 2013 by for WhenInManila

North Luzon represent! Attendees of the Baguio Blog Conference 2013/Two2Travel for

When in Manila congratulates everyone who made the BBC 2013 another successful one for the local blogging community! So many lessons learned, and definitely more blogging left to do! Special thanks  to Vincent Tabor of for being such a wonderful organizer and Azalea Residences Baguio for generously hosting the participants and speakers of the Baguio Blog Conference 2013!



Blogging tips from the 2nd Baguio Blog Conference 2013!