Bloggers United 5: Shopping for Great Fashion Finds

Bloggers United is  an event that caters to every fashion blogger’s love for shopping. It is an interactive shopping affair between bloggers and their readers (who are also bloggers) to raid their favorite blogger’s closet of pre-loved items. Accessories, shoes, bags, make-up and clothes that are all in good condition are up for grabs. In an event such as this, immense amount of skill and perseverance is needed to be able to get the best pick. That’s why When in Manila, you need to know how to conquer shopping against your co-bloggers and co-readers so you snag the best of the best fashion finds in the next Bloggers United event next year.



The Early bird gets the big, fat, juicy worm. It’s best to arrive earlier than everybody else.


Why is this important? Well the obvious reason is that there are always alot of bloggers! The photos explains everything. If you arrive late then there are less chances of you getting the shirt or top you want because someone else who came earlier bought it already.



Bloggers rummaging through Kryz Uy and Camille Co’s booths. This side of the place never ran out of people.


Next tip, RESEARCH. Yes, this may just be a shopping event to some but to a determined shopper, research is a vital. There are alot of famous fashion bloggers participating every year so you will have tons of choices between different fashion finds. 



 Tracy Ayson, Tin Iglesias, Danika Navarro, Alyssa Lapid, Bestie Konisis and Bea Benedicto


To lessen the hassle (and the heartbreak) of endlessly looking for clothes and shoes that wouldn’t fit, read your favorite fashion bloggers‘ blogs and see if they’ve posted teasers of the items they’d sell in the event. The sizes of their tops, pants and shoes are indicated there. If it’s not posted then tweet to them and politely ask their size. If all else fails, trust logic and common sense. If your favorite blogger is skinnier than you, then accept the fact that most of his/her clothes wouldn’t fit. Unless of course he/she has lost oversized clothes. Don’t fret if your body isn’t compatible with your blogger’s size, you can still look through his/her accessories and  bags.



One of the disadvantages of not knowing your blogger’s size.


Although, you can always do this to double check the fit and such but it will consume time. You can also research on on-the-spot fitting tricks. Like the famous example: putting the bottom’s belt/waistline around your neck to know if it fits your waist.



 Kookie Buhain, Aisa Ipac, David Guison, Verniece & Vern Enciso



Dani Barretto with her reader. 


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