Bloggers United 5: Shopping for Great Fashion Finds


Another thing you have to search about is the Bloggers United 5’s map. You have to know the layout of the place so that you can easily maneuver around and know which booths to go to first.



Laureen Uy’s booth was at the far end of the SMX’s function room 3. 


Another useful tip which can also be applicable in other aspects of life, don’t be afraid to get down and dirty. There will be times that you have to stoop down and examine the clothes. There are booths with clothes and the floor due to constant rummaging. There are even instances when the rack just breaks and all clothes are lying on the floor. Don’t let your maarte side take over, think of it as an opportunity for you to easily rummage through the items! Plus, there are shoppers who don’t like getting down and dirty like you, so less competition for you. *wink*



This girl is determined, she got down and dirty!


Another tip, related to getting down and dirty, is to know the art of rummaging. This will take time, effort and perseverance but believe me, great rewards will come your way.



Work it! Rummage!


In a competitive shopping arena such as this, storage must be the least of your problems. Bring a huge bag (an eco bag or a jelly bag) to put all your finds in. It’s environment friendly and it lessens the pain of carrying 5-6 shopping bags with just one arm. 



This shopper was wise enough to bring this jelly bag with her.


One thing I noticed is that the bloggers‘ booths don’t put our ALL their items right away. this means that some of your future great fashion finds are not yet displayed.  Best tip would be to go through their items at least 3-5 times. This is very tiring but this is only an event once a year, might as well invest all your shopping skills and efforts to get the best deals.



Mariel WickedYing & Stephanie Dy’s booth, Danika Navarro and Alysa Lapid’s booth.


FINALLY TO MY LAST AND MOST IMPORTANT TIP. There’s an unceasing stock of various fashion finds. For you to avoid taking time thinking about what to get and going bankrupt prepare a shopping list. The more specific the better. Bloggers United 5 has a great line up of  fashion bloggers so you’d more or less know each blogger’s style. Use this information to know the items your really want to buy. Stay faithful to your list so you’ll be able to cancel out those that you don’t really need or want. (unless a really really really great deal is available and you suddenly want the item so bad. haha)



Funky tags, metal and colorful beaded accessories were the accessories I really liked.   


So that’s about it. When in Manila, I hope you learned a lot about Bloggers United 5 and shopping. Wishing you the best fashion finds for the next Bloggers United! 😉 Know more about my Bloggers United 5 fashion finds through my IG account.



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Bloggers United 5: Shopping for Great Fashion Finds