Blogger Kryz Uy accidentally poisoned herself with smoothie she made

Blogger, Kryz Uy, has always been healthy by eating clean. But we must also remember that before we actually “eat clean”, clean preparations must be made first.

Apparently, since Kryz Uy is still a “newbie” in the kitchen, she had to learn this the hard way after posting about her bad smoothie experience on Instagram.

In her post, she stated…

Yesterday, I was feeling all sorts of terrible. I drank half of a smoothie I made before dinner and then woke up every hour in the middle of the night because my stomach was so painful. In the morning, I finished the rest of my smoothie only to puke it all out hour after hour. Turns out I poisoned myself with my own smoothie! I’m feeling so much better now (special thanks to hubs, my mom and my sisters for the emotional and digestive support) but thought I should warn you guys about this too. Raw veggies are apparently filled with dangerous pesticides! I’m a newbie in the kitchen so I gather I mustn’t have washed mine very well. Taking this as a lesson, and hopefully you will too! Save yourself and mind what you eat!

Given the fact that fruits and veggies are sprayed with pesticides, it’s still not a reason for you to skip these. That’s why cleaning off these produce plays an important role in the kitchen.

What are your thoughts on this?