Blink! Watch Movies and TV Shows On the Go

Blink! Watch Movies and TV Shows On the Go


When in Manila, going out to watch foreign movies or doing TV show marathons have become a favorite pastime of many. With our busy work schedules and lack of spare time, though, we sometimes end up missing certain episodes on TV and get upset when we find out that the movie we’ve been wanting to watch isn’t in theaters anymore. On other days, we just feel too tired to hit the movie theaters and would rather stay in.

Just recently, I found this smart phone app called Blink, which lets you stream movies and TV shows through your phone or tablet. I downloaded it and set up an account to try and stream some of my favorite shows. They offer different subscription packages, such as the 30-day TV show subscription for P450, which I must say would be the perfect one for marathons. They also have a wide selection of Hollywood movies to choose from, which you can avail of on a per-movie basis for only P170. 


Now, I travel a lot for my writing gigs, and I must admit that a lot of my hours are spent waiting for flight schedules – not to mention flight delays. Instead of ranting and getting pissed, I finally found a way to catch up on my TV shows to pass the time. Blink is streamed directly to your phone, which means you can take it pretty much anywhere and kill hours watching (as long say you have a good internet connection anyway). Unfortunately, Blink is geoblocked so even though you’re connected to the internet, you can only access it while you’re in the Philippines.  

Hollywood Movies and TV Shows

The movies and shows are sorted out into different categories – children and family, comedy, crime and suspense, and drama – and though their selection is varied I would say it is still limited. Although before paying for a subscription bundle, you may check out the collection of movies and shows first to know if there’s anything you’d really, really like. Some of the TV shows they have are Community, The Vampire Diaries, and Breaking Bad. Still wishing they would add more soon!


Other than that, it also has a Live TV streaming of channels like Jack City, 2nd Avenue, ETC, and Balls TV. 



It works with wi-fi and 3G connections and I’m very impressed at how the buffering in the beginning takes so little time yet streams continuously. The app won’t start up if you haven’t established a stable internet connection. This is to ensure that your streaming won’t get interrupted once you start..

I know we all get worried about using our phones too much for videos as it takes up so much of our battery life, but I’m amazed at how the Blink app doesn’t drain my battery as quickly as other gaming and video apps tend to. I tried streaming with a fully-charged phone through my 3G connection and I was able to watch 4 45-minute shows before it reached 30%. 

To sum it up, I think the part I like the most about Blink’s video streaming is that I don’t have to wait for hours to download a movie or a complete season of a TV show. It doesn’t consume space on my phone or laptop, either, and it’s hassle-free since I can take it anywhere and watch anytime I want.

So, get that popcorn popping, those pizzas baking and call up your friends to start Blink-ing!



For all the movie fans and TV show fan groups out there, Blink is giving away some goodies for 5 lucky winners! Just do the following to win these cool merchandise from your favorite movies and shows:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Note: This contest is only open to Philippine residents and will run until May 26, 2014. Winners will be announced the following day.





The Blink app is available for both Apple and Android app stores (blink-now).



Blink! Watch Movies and TV Shows On the Go