Bleacher Report’s Photo: Larry Bird vs Stephen Curry

Earlier today, Bleacher Report posted this photo on their Facebook page, stating that “The Game Has Changed.”

bleacher report 3 pointsPhoto from Bleacher Report’s Facebook page.

The photo shows Larry Bird, legend of the Boston Celtics, on the left who made 649 3-pointers during his entire 13-year career and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors on the right who has made 687 3-pointers since the start of the 2013 season.

While there is no doubt that Curry is definitely skilled in shooting the ball from, well, practically anywhere on the court, really; I have to say that the photo seems to compare both players in a way that could easily be misinterpreted. At first glance, it looks like the photo is saying that today’s players are better because they can shoot more 3-pointers much faster, but to be fair, you really can’t compare Bird and Curry that way. After all, aside from holding different positions and coming from different basketball NBA eras, defense has changed so much in the game since Bird’s time.

But perhaps that’s exactly what Bleacher Report meant. The photo, after all, doesn’t say “Curry is better than Bird”. It says “The Game Has Changed”. And it really has, hasn’t it?

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