Blackbeard Shoes: Trendy, Stylish Shoes And Proudly Marikina-Made!

Marikina-made shoes were once highly revered in the fashion world, gracing runways and boutiques worldwide for their top-notch craftsmanship and unparalleled durability, right along the pedestal of Italian shoes, and other products much sought after.

That was then, some decades ago. What was once a world-class label has now faded into relative obscurity, with local artisans still delivering their mastery in technique in creating durable footwear in smaller scales. But thanks to local brands such as Blackbeard Shoes, the best of local craftsmanship that is proudly a hallmark of the Marikina shoe culture is now brought to a fashion-forward clientele, that can easily rival some of our favorite shops in malls!


Blackbeard Shoes is a local brand that sells locally handcrafted footwear for men and women. All of Blackbeard Shoes’ products are handcrafted by our country’s finest shoe artisans in Marikina. But don’t dismiss the idea to dated styles, rain boots and school shoes — the designs of Blackbeard Shoes are stylish, trendy, and definitely what you need in your closet for your outfit to look on point!

Owned by partners Ralph Chua and Mark Fernando, Blackbeard takes the best traditions of local craftsmanship, and meshes them with modern sensibilities and style. The result? Durable, high-quality leather shoes that deserve space in our closets.

The great thing about the Philippine climate is that summer is basically all year-round, which means boat shoes will never go out of style!

Whether it’s for men or women, Blackbeard boat shoes are a mix of classic and trendy, which makes their boat shoes perfect for pairing with a ton of ensembles! Go for a carefree look and roll up your jeans, showing off your boat shoes like I did below! You can even spiff them up in a pretty dress to balance the femininity.

Blackbeard 2

What I’m wearing: Blackbeard boat shoes in Camel

Blackbeard 1


These boat shoes in Snoopy are a classy take on the white sneaker trend! I like how the soles complement the white leather perfectly, and the cream laces are a chic touch without being too playful.

Blackbeard 4

And speaking of white sneakers, Blackbeard also offers this all-white trainers, Luke (as in Luke Skywalker!!) for men: pair them with the quintessential jogger pants, but if you want to go for a more classic look, go for your favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt!

Blackbeard 5

Blackbeard loafers in Bootstrap

And for those who want a more casually polished look, Blackbeard Shoes also offers loafers — perfect for taking from the office to the bar.

Blackbeard Shoes is available online. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for more designs!

Blackbeard Shoes


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