BKK Express: Enjoy Authentic Thai Food on the Go

Craving for Thai food? We found an authentic Thai fast food restaurant in BGC! BKK Express is the on-the-go version of Soi restaurant located on the 4th floor of Uptown Mall. It opened last 2016, so it’s still fairly new.


Foodies on the move

BKK Express may have a similar menu to Soi, but it is executed in a different way since it’s a fast food restaurant. Most of the ingredients are imported from Thailand, though, ensuring that the dishes are truly authentic.

Pad Thai Chicken

Thai Iced Tea

I rarely eat Thai food, but I fell in love with it after I discovered BKK Express! I especially love their Thai Iced Tea. You should definitely try it!

Sausage Salad

Pork Belly in 5-Spice with Boiled Egg

Som Tam Guava

Tofu and Egg in Laws

During our visit, we tried the Tofu and Egg in Laws as our appetizer, along with Som Tam Guava salad and Sausage Salad, Fresh Egg Thai Soup Noodles with Wanton, Beef Massaman Curry, Pork Belly in 5-Spice with Boiled Egg, Pad Thai Chicken, Boneless Chicken Leg BBQ, Sausage Thai Fried Rice, Bagoong Thai Fried Rice, and Stick Rice Mango Sundae for dessert. Each dish is good for one-two people.

Sausage Thai Fried Rice

Fresh Egg Thai Soup Noodles with Wanton

Boneless Chicken Leg BBQ

Bagoong Thai Fried Rice

The ambiance is great, too. All in all, I find it worth the price. They have a variety of Thai food, from appetizers to desserts, that will satisfy your cravings.

Sticky Rice Mango Sundae

Beef Massaman Curry 

So far, my favorite dishes are the Pad Thai Chicken, Beef Massaman Curry, and Pork Belly in 5-Spice with Boiled Egg. How about you? What are your favorite Thai dishes? Visit BKK Express to quickly satisfy those cravings!

BKK Express

4th Floor, Food Hall, Uptown Hall, BGC

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