Eating the Streets of Bangkok, Thailand

The streets of Bangkok is all about food. It’s simply amazing how a strip of pedestrian walkway turns into a busy food haven with the rising of the sun. As morning comes, I noticed vendors start arranging their mobile stores – lining up their food, cooking here and there, and putting plastic chairs and tables. It is as if a barren concrete turns into a dining area in an instant. When the sun sets, they clean up and close their stores waiting for the next morning to come and be busy again serving hungry customers.

You can find almost any kind of food on the streets of Bangkok. Whether for a full meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner or for a quick bite, you can certainly find something that can satisfy your gastronomic cravings on the busy streets of the city.

If you walk on the streets of Bangkok, I can assure you that you will never ever run out of food choices.

Near the hotel that I have stayed at FuramaXclusive Sathorn-Silom Hotel, along the Chong Nonsi BTS SkyTrain Station, many food stalls open up in the morning. Men and women, in their daily wears and even in suits flock this food stores to get their daily fixes. For me, as a rule of thumb, if you find a food stall with many people lining you should line up too and point something that you like. Chances are, any food you get there is awesome. 🙂

From this street in Chong Nonsi to the streets of Chatuchak, there is no space left untouched. Everything is turned into a foodie’s paradise.

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are easy to get on the streets of Bangkok. Mangoes, pineapples, bananas, Malay apples, and durian – you name it and they have it.

But if you are running late, you can also choose to get sliced fruits that are ready to eat. Some are even frozen to preserve their freshness. Just add a dash of salt, sugar, and everything nice.

I “experienced” their fresh strawberries in a cup for 20 Baht (Php35). It was goooood! How I wish I can also get this on our streets here in the Philippines.

If you’re looking for ready to eat fruit with a zing, you can get these mango slices with spicy shrimp paste for 10 Baht (Php17.50). In Thailand, spicy is really, really, really spicy for me. Like, cry me a waterfall spicy.

Ready to Eat Fruit Slices

Fresh veggies? No problemo. They will even julienne and blanch them for you. Crun-chay!

I am happy to see one of my favorite fish fried on the streets of Bangkok – the catfish (hito). It’s one of our family’s favorite fish to grill. We usually eat it when we go out of town and to the beach. I always ask my Papa to cook when I am at home. Well, so much for a back story. 🙂

Noodles is a Thai staple food. At first, I was hesitant to try it because I thought about the food carts serving noodles in the Philippines. One time… Oh, never mind. But I tried it anyway. I even learned how to say it in Thai (Thanks Sit!). Wet Tiew I’ll never forget that. It can come in handy in case I get lost on the streets of Thailand.


Khai Tod. (Thanks Sit again!) Don’t worry, that’s just me ordering my favorite fried chicken.

Still, have room for dessert? These cheap popsicles are great! Even the container looks awesome. I forgot how much they really cost but I think just a couple of Bahts. Not bad!

Any tips to eat cheaply in Bangkok? Share them with us!

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