Birthday Menu Suggestions at Super Bowl of China! Must Try the “Go Unli Birthday Noodles” Promo for Just P79 Per Person!


 Birthday Menu Suggestions at Super Bowl of China




When in Manila and looking for an ideal place to celebrate your birthday, why don’t you check out the Go Unli Birthday Noodles promo at Super Bowl of China? When we heard about the promo which started last Sept 17, we knew we just found the perfect place to celebrate Badeth’s 24th birthday!



Why Super Bowl of China? As you know, Super Bowl of China is one of the best and most accessible Chinese restaurants around the metro. Aside from the really cozy ambiance and fantastic menu selection, you don’t really need to travel far for they have so many branches at practically every mall! Frank and I believe that Badeth deserved  a really nice celebration for her birthday this year for she has been working really hard to bring home the bacon for her family as well as in contributing stunning shots during our trips. A special person deserves a special celebration no doubt! Also, it has been a part of our culture to eat noodles to symbolize “long life” and since Super Bowl of China was having their “Go Unli Birthday Noodles” promo (for Just P79 Per Person), I thought it was really best to celebrate there!




 meet the birthday girl Badeth!


On this special day, we had a really nice selection of dishes ideal for birthday celebrations! In choosing a birthday menu,  “abundance” should be the theme! There should be a lot of food on the table for the feast of course! Ideally, we suggest you order a combination of appetizers plus meat and veggie dishes for a balanced meal. Of course, you must never forget having a huge serving of noodles to signify LONG LIFE!

Without further adieu, here’s a peek at the dishes we had during  Badeth’s 24th Birthday at Super Bowl of China!




  Go Unli Birthday Noodles promo  for Just P79 Per Person!




In preparation for the feast, we had servings of Super Bowl of China‘s thick and chunky Sweet Corn and Chicken Soup 




Whenever I get the chance to visit Super Bowl of China, I always order their Dimsum Combination Platter




As for our seafood dish, we tried their Hot Shrimp and Fish Salad. This one’s a good alternative to the usual green salads. Nice textures and interesting tastes. It was rather sweet due to the tropical fruits in it, with a bit of a “kick.”  This will surely tickle those taste buds!




and now for our recommended main dishes….




I can’t really say it was very crispy but Super Bowl of China‘s Fried Crispy Chicken was very satisfying and tasty nonetheless 




As for our red meat, we had a large order of Super Bowl of China’s Deep Fried Pork Ribs w/ Spicy Salt

I liked this one very much for the pork was very tender and savory!




Of course, never forget to order Super Bowl of China‘s Yang Chow Fried Rice




We tried out the Go Unli Birthday Noodles Promo  for Just P79 Per Person! It was really worth it!  

Super Bowl of China‘s Birthday noodles are just mixed with all the good stuff you could ever imagine!

With all the healthy stuff in it, I bet you’ll really live a longer life!






 Great food and great company: The formula for an unforgettable feast!




Super Bowl of China‘s treat for Badeth!





~for our sweet ending ~




We’d like to show you something you should never miss next time you visit Super Bowl of China! For dessert, instead of ordering the usual stuff, go for their Taho! It’s served in a really cute wooden container along with a cup of syrup and “sago.” The cool thing about this is that, you actually get to experience the joy of scooping out your taho by using a flat laddle. More like a make-your-own-taho or be-a-magtataho-for-a-day thingy! It’s super fun!




Super Bowl of China‘s Taho! (95php)




We felt like kids again! “Lutu-lutuan!”



 so this is how it feels to be a Magtataho!




Obviously, Frank loved it a lot! MMMMMMMmmmmmmm!!! 




another set of Stuffed and Satisfied guests of Super Bowl of China 




Got the chance to meet their Manager on duty that day, Sir Leo! I told him how impressed I was with the Taho and with the Go Unli Birthday Noodles promo!

Can’t wait for out next visit!




To all you birthday celebrants out there, get a hold of their Go Unli Birthday Noodles promo  for just P79 per person!! Really affordable and worth every hard-earned peso! This promo is definitely a must experience when in Manila!






Super Bowl of China

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Birthday Menu Suggestions at Super Bowl of China! Must Try the  “Go Unli Birthday Noodles” Promo  for Just P79 Per Person!

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