Billie & Llama: Bringing Back Vintage Fashion With A Whole New Twist

I’ve never been one to follow the latest trends in fashion. Most of the time, I find myself falling in love with classic pieces that are minimalistic, versatile, and of course, comfortable. Maybe that’s why Billie & Llama caught my attention.

There has always been this misconception that fashion has to be “forward.” The folks from Billie & Llama, however, believe that even if everyone is going forward, there’s nothing wrong with looking back. From their Ugly Christmas Sweaters (yep! they’re really called that) to their Saddle Shoes to their Woohoo High-Waisted shorts, this brand brings old-fashioned to a new (modern) level.
Taking inspiration from iconic items from previous decades, they aspire to create a brand that preserves retro stereotypes and represents young people who have different takes on fashion. This led to the creation of a fun brand that doesn’t focus on trends, but emphasizes on a confident, carefree and personal lifestyle instead.
Right now, Billie & Llama offers a few shoe designs and a handful of clothing designs. Their shoe prices range from Php850 to Php1,250, depending on the style, while their clothes range from Php550 to Php1,500. Here are some of my favourites:
Billie Llama Dress
 Go Lightly Basic Dress (Php875)
This is Billie & Llama’s take on the basic black dress. It was created to be THE answer to “What should I wear today?”, and the go-to dress for any occasion. Light, breezy, and comfortable, this item is easy to dress up and dress down. Wear this dress to look effortlessly fab!
Billie Llama sweater
Mr. Frosty Ugly Christmas Sweater (Php850)
Billie & Llama released this item last December 2015 as their special Christmas item.  Although it’s not Christmas yet, the comfy fleece material can still warm you up this rainy season. The brand is also going to release a lot of 70’s unisex sweaters, so make sure you stay tuned for those!
Billie Llama Shorts
 Woohoo High-Waisted Shorts (Php799)
“Woohoo!” to these awesome high-waisted shorts! These shorts have an elastic garter at the back for those days when your tummy wants to say hello. They are perfect to pair with a basic shirt for trips to the mall.
Billie Llama Shoes
 Oreo Saddle Shoes (Php 1250)
I’m a fan of heeled-shoes. However, when it’s one of those ‘I just want my feet to chill’ kind of days, this is my go-to footwear! Bringing back these two-toned shoes that were once a trend staple back in the 1950s, these are made of grade A synthetic leather with a rubber sole. They’re durable, super comfy, and are made for walking. Pair them with shorts, skirts, capris pants, or cute printed socks and they can fit in wardrobe! They come in a Coffee Creme color combination, too.
Billie & Llama just launched the Llama Nation online membership community, too! Once you’re a member, you can browse soon-to- be released items one week in advance, pre-order the items with a discount, and join sales that are exclusive to members. The best part of the Llama Nation membership is that it’s free! You can just sign up for it on their website!

Billie & Llama

Instagram: @billie.llama

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